Great features only at Apple, don't worry about being scammed when buying a used device

   Today, the iPhone market is as vibrant as ever. Besides new goods in original boxes, buying used iPhones is no less competitive. But do you know how to check iPhone to avoid buying poor quality? If not, this article will help you a lot!
   If you're considering buying an iPhone, don't forget to apply these useful Apple features!
   If the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, Xr or later has a battery replacement, or the iPhone 11 or later has a screen replacement, the message will be that the screen has been replaced.
   Apple has manufactured each device's battery or screen a unique Serial Number. If the system detects that a battery with a different serial number is inserted in the display, the system will alarm immediately.
   If the iPhone is replaced with a non-genuine screen, the device will display a warning right below the Warranty Package item in Settings> General> About 
   This can also be called Apple's way of encouraging users to have their phones repaired at authorized repair centers instead of 3rd parties.
   However, there are still shortcomings because even if you replace the genuine product but do not have to repair it at authorized centers, this message will still appear.
   In addition, for iPhones running iOS 14 or later, Apple also provides a feature to help users easily check whether the device is the international version or the network locked version.
   To conduct the check, you need to go to Settings > General > About. Then you scroll down and find the "Vendor Lock" section. There will be 2 cases:
   If the words "Unlimited SIM" appear, the iPhone you are checking is the international version
   If "SIM is locked" appears and when clicking the message: "This device can only be used with the original carrier or has some features restricted" then it is iPhone Lock.
   Hope the above characteristics will help you a little in choosing to buy a quality used phone!