"Heartbroken" to see the iPhone 13 Pro "tortured" to test its durability

   After a long wait, iPhone 13 has been officially launched by Apple. Although there are not many design changes, it has been strongly upgraded in terms of durability and performance. Therefore, YouTubers compete to conduct endurance tests of iPhone 13 Pro, causing many people to mourn.
   It is known that this year's iPhone 13 generation is still equipped with Ceramic Shied tempered glass by Apple but has a slightly increased weight and thickness. Specifically, Youtube channel TechRax has just released a video of iPhone 13 Pro durability test by using a sharp knife to cut several times on the screen, back, sides and camera of the phone. It can be seen that the screen and back have easily overcome this challenge. However, the edges and camera clearly show scratches caused by knives.
   Then, TechRax continued to use a hammer weighing 1.36kg to drop into the screen of the iPhone 13 Pro. The results show that the machine is still operating normally. Next, he used a hammer to lightly hit the screen and around the screen but still nothing happened. He evaluates that this screen is really very durable.
   He kept banging repeatedly on a spot on the screen and then the tempered glass cracked. The results show that part of the screen has turned black and the touch is no longer working. And after a few more strong impacts, the screen of the iPhone 13 Pro turned completely black. The back and rear camera are also badly cracked.
   After this terrible torture, the iPhone 13 Pro was completely damaged and could not be powered on or used anymore. In fact, when it comes to durability, this iPhone 13 Pro has impressed TechRax quite a bit.