Help you drive safer in everyday life

   Do not ignore the following 5 car tools that will help you drive smarter and safer. Let's follow this article together!

   Busy life requires each person to spend a certain amount of time in their car. Partial assistive technology makes driving a little easier for drivers. With the following 5 technology items, people will feel more secure when behind the wheel, according to a summary from Askmen.

AutoXcape . Lifesaving Toolkit

   Made of military-grade aluminum alloy, this is a tool kit that can handle emergency situations where a basic first aid kit can't. It has the effect of breaking windows, cutting seat belts and a high power flashlight with SOS mode.
Universal smartphone holder

   When driving, you should not touch your phone. But there are times when you need to see it and with this tool it becomes safer.
   This mount easily attaches to the vehicle outlet, allowing the driver to easily rotate the phone vertically or horizontally with a flick of the wrist.
Camera journey

   A good dash cam will be very helpful when you're driving. In addition to recording the details of the trip, with good images both at night and during the day, it is also equipped with a forward collision warning system or other features such as sign recognition or fatigue warning for occupants. drive.

FenSens . smart license plate frame

   This is a very supportive tool for drivers, especially new car drivers. This license plate frame integrates with a sensor, connects to an app, and sends you an alert via your mobile phone when the vehicle inched too close to the curb or encounters another obstacle. This application will emit beep beeps to prevent your car from having unfortunate incidents.
   Air purifier plugged into the carWith its compact size, this air purifier easily plugs into the vehicle. It ionizes the surrounding air, sucks up cigarette smoke within seconds, and removes allergens and odors like pollen or pet dander.