How digital transformation is reshaping our world

This week, we’re excited to have our customers and partners around the globe join Dell Technologies’ World Digital Experience. These are just a few great and inspiring success stories we’re hearing from our customers this year.

As we prepare for this week’s Dell Technologies World Digital Experience, I can’t help but look back on the incredible journeys and successes of our customers of the year. Even in the face of major obstacles and changes, our customers can still fulfill their mission.

I was inspired by their achievements. I hope these examples also inspire you.

Keeping groceries active:

In fact, overnight, the U.S.-based Albertsons grocery chain allowed more than 1,000 call center and store employees who played a key role in solving technical problems for Albertsons’ payment system and pharmacy, working from home. Dell provides them with PCs, monitors, peripherals, and support services to ensure they can continue to serve customers while maintaining social stay-away policies.

Shifting retail services to remote work:

Brazilian-based retailer Grupo Boticario tackled a dual challenge as COVID-19 spread: How to allow 3,000 employees to work remotely while continuing to serve customers online. Dell has helped the company quickly move to remote work, equipped with Dell EMC servers, more than 1,000 laptops, and configuration, deployment, and support services. Grupo Boticario was able to maintain the performance and stability required even when demand peaked.

Deliver outstanding industrial innovation:

Dell and Software AG worked with SMC Corporation in Germany on Smart Field Analysis to bridge the gap in factories between data detection and data collection. Ag Cumulocity IoT Edge software, provided by Dell, helps customers connect and visualize their industrial assets, perform analysis, and integrate data sets between existing IT systems. This allows them to easily conduct predictive maintenance, leak detection, and energy efficiency monitoring.

Fuel data and analysis:

Insurance Group Australia (IAG) is Australia’s largest general insurer, with more than 13,000 employees and estimated revenue of $13 billion. The company turned to Dell EMC PowerFlex to help them power the next generation of big data workloads in their own cloud. PowerFlex delivers the scalability, stability, resilience, and performance needed to support their advanced applications.

Bring modern power to life with advanced solutions:

Taiwan Power Company produces, transmits, distributes, and sells reliable and environmentally friendly electricity throughout Taiwan while complying with national energy policies. The Taiwan Power Company launched a large-scale project to install smartwatches to modernize their operations and chose Greenbird’s Utilihive to simplify data management between the metering system and the operational analysis platform. The power company chose to use Utilihive, a cloud-based digital integration platform provided by Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, at edge locations. The initial implementation of the project consisted of 1.2 million households and was completed in just five months.

With so many incredible stories to share, we’re happy to join us this week – October 21 and 22 – for Dell Technologies’ World Digital Experience. We look forward to demonstrating how we are here to help our customers and our vision of how technology is reshaping our world.