How strong is the new technology dragon of League of Legends?

Two new dragons appeared in the new update of League of Legends 11.23.

In the new update of League of Legends 11.23, two new dragons have been added, including summoned dragons, dragon souls and new map effects. The generation rate of technology and technology maps is temporarily doubled in patch 11.23, allowing players to try new maps and new dragon souls more frequently.

Long change is to push yourself to the extreme, take the risk of calculation, and fight to the end. Becoming a dragon encourages players to participate in very adventurous matches, and may sacrifice themselves in search of an advantage.

Buff: For enemies whose health is 340-1020 (level 1-18) higher than yourself, each layer can cause up to 5% damage.

Soul: When the team acquires the skill Dragon Soul, they will resurrect within a short time after being defeated. The hero will resurrect with 80% base health + 50% extra health and gain 75/30% (melee/ranged) movement speed reduction. Resurrected heroes will receive a 40% damage reduction every 0.25 seconds, their damage will be reduced by 33%, and their damage percentage will be the same as their increased health.

Map: The poisonous fog area will cover four locations in the four forests, camouflaging the champions inside. Heroes in the mist can cause up to 10% damage to enemies whose health is higher than their own. The maximum damage is achieved at a health difference of 340-1020 (based on the attacker’s level).

Camouflage: It will not be detected by the naked eye, but will be detected by the control eye, glare or invisible unit detection effect. Disguised units will also be detected near enemy heroes.

Tech Dragon is all about controlling the map, knocking down enemies, and trapping them in your team’s wombo complex. The soul of the technological dragon releases electric discharge, causing damage and slowing down the enemy, allowing you to control the battle and hunt down fugitives.

Charm: Each layer provides 5 cooldowns and 5% attack speed.

Soul: When the team acquires the soul of the technology dragon, their next damaging attack or skill causes 25-75 true damage (based on heroes of level 1-18), rebounds up to 3 other targets and slows down by 45/35% (melee) / Ranged)) (Extra HP +5% per 1000 points, +1% Extra HP per 100 points, +3% Extra HP per 100 points) for 2 seconds (8 seconds) cooling time).

Map: Paired Hextech portals will appear in the entire map, allowing the champion to quickly teleport from the portal to the portal connected to it. The portal is activated after a short charge, and can be interrupted by the root or damage skills. Each pair of Gates has a unique 30-second cooldown for each hero.

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