How to control ak recoil when shooting freely

Ak is one of the most popular weapons in Free Fire, often sought after by both amateurs and professionals. Here’s how you can control it.

You should get acquainted with AK if you have played any modern shooter other than Free Fire – there should be an AK or AK-like weapon in each game. The gun version in the Free Fire is the original legendary AK-47, one of the world’s most famous weapons due to its ease of production and efficiency.

The AK version of Free Fire is much more powerful than other versions of other games… however, it is also difficult to control. In this article, we’ll list the different ways you can control the recoil of the AK-47.

1 – Continuous range expansion during shooting
The AK in the Free Fire has a respectable 72 range, perfect for medium to long-range snipers. If you are fighting enemies at long range, try to open and close the range continuously in between shots. This stabilizes the gun and allows automatic aiming at the target.

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2 – Equip as many attachments as possible
You need a front, neck and muzzle grip on the AK to achieve the best performance… especially the front grip. It will reduce its large recoil by half.

3 – Pulldown when spraying
You can somewhat control the recoil trajectory of the gun by dragging the firing button down so that the cross is fixed after jerking. However, this method is quite difficult to get used to.

4 – Set appropriate sensitivity settings
The sensitivity of the AK is quite standard, with the General and Red Dot being 100. Sensitivity for the two commonly used ranges with AK such as 2x and 4x should be reduced to 90 and 50 respectively.