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How to increase the life of a laptop is very simple, not everyone knows

As a multifunctional device used for both professional and personal purposes, a laptop is an important tool in everyday life. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using it to help keep your laptop productive for longer.

Clean inside and out regularly

Laptop components have some moving parts that can get hot or cold when the device is in use. The continual expansion and contraction of the metal leads to hardware wear. Eventually, after many uses, those parts can fail. This is completely normal.

However, you can help slow it down by regularly cleaning your computer with compressed air on the keyboard and vents. Since this is not 100% effective as it may cause some debris to penetrate deeper into your laptop, it is recommended that you disassemble your device and clean each part thoroughly.

Note: Do not disassemble your laptop before consulting a professional or seeing instructions on how to do so.

Do not eat or drink while using the machine, keep food and drink away from the machine.

If you eat and drink while using the machine, the risk of food and drink falling into the machine is very high. To avoid unfortunate situations, limit computer use while eating or keep food and water as far away as possible.

Avoid direct sunlight or high temperatures.

Computer components are sensitive to high temperatures, so keep your device out of direct sunlight to prolong its life.

Wash hands before use

Oil and dirt on your hands can build up over time. The simple practice of cleaning them before using a laptop can help keep your computer looking clean and in good shape.

Delete unrelated apps and files

While removing extraneous apps and files won’t necessarily increase the life of your computer, it can make your device run faster. Your laptop’s performance may improve and the amount of heat generated by the processor’s operation may be reduced.

Use of external accessories

To reduce wear and tear on your device components, make sure you keep up with your game. Basically, this means that you should think about using an external monitor, mouse, and keyboard. You should also use a docking station or hub to speed up the connection and disconnection process.

Extend battery life

The average laptop battery is considered to last between 300 and 500 charges, but this figure can vary. The battery life of your device depends a lot on how you use it and how old the battery is. You can use the battery for a longer time by doing the following:

– Don’t leave your laptop plugged in at all times.

– Reduce the brightness of your screen.

– Keep the minimum number of open tabs in your browser.

– Do not open too many programs at once.

Use headphones instead of laptop speakers.

– Be sure to use a cooling pad.

Update whenever possible

The upgrade devices are mainly RAM and HDD because the manufacturer recommends these devices over the CPU because the risk to the CPU is usually higher, when choosing an upgrade device you should choose specialized devices. for laptops.

However, when upgrading your computer hardware, you should proceed to take the device to a dealer or distributor for advice on choosing a machine and verifying compatibility.

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