I don’t know how to clean my phone every day. Why are there more bacteria than toilets?

Mobile phones are a very common item in many people’s lives. Using cell phones in many unsanitary places can trap many types of bacteria. Regular cleaning of your phone is essential to getting rid of some of the triggers that are affecting you.

Various studies have shown that our phones are the dirtiest things we own, and some have more bacteria than toilet seats. Wiping the phone with a regular paper towel won’t clean it.

Regular cleaning of your phone is essential (artwork)
Here’s how to clean it without damaging the phone you’re supposed to be using.

Use of alcohol

Do not use window cleaners, sprays, solvents, ammonia or abrasives to clean your phone. Distilled water and a little alcohol will taste a lot better.

Use a cotton swab

If your phone has a physical keyboard or plastic case, use a soft cloth or alcohol swab to clean it. However, don’t rub them against the metal parts of the phone.

Battery care

Gently wipe under the phone battery cover with a dry cotton swab

How to Clean Your Phone Screen

To clean your phone screen, use a soft, lint-free cloth (the kind used to clean glass) moistened with a little distilled water. Remove and clean the case like a phone.

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