I-Stop system on Mazda cars and unknown things

   There are many questions regarding Mazda's I-Stop system from drivers as well as car mechanics. Cartek would like to introduce readers to a few things to know about this system.
I. What is I-Stop?

   The conventional stop system saves fuel by automatically shutting down the engine when the driver comes to a stop (e.g. traffic lights) and automatically restarting the engine when the vehicle wants to continue.
   In other Idiling systems, the engine will be restarted by the electric motor. However, in Mazda's I-stop system, the engine will be restarted by combustion and reverse engine operation.
   Direct fuel injection technology injects fuel directly into the engine's cylinders when the engine is stopped and then ignited.
However, to start the engine in this way, the compression stroke and expansion stroke must stop in the correct position to create a balance of the air. Mazda ensures that I-Stop always controls the piston position during stopping. When all pistons come to a stop in the optimal position, the system determines the initial cylinder to inject fuel. Fuel is injected and ignited to restart the engine. Even at extremely low rpm, the cylinders are determined for sequential ignition, helping the engine to quickly reach idling speed.
   This system provides an instant start, a smooth feeling during the start-up process when it takes only 0.35 seconds compared to 0.7 seconds of other systems and especially helps save fuel.
II. I-Stop and Diesel engine

   Unlike gasoline engines, which use spark plugs to ignite the air-fuel mixture, diesel engines compress the mixture until it ignites on its own.
   Whereas a conventional diesel engine's idling system requires two engine cycles to restart, Mazda's unique I-stop requires only one, thanks to its precise control of the position of the engine. engine. fuel cells. Piston.
   I-stop helps to start the engine quickly and operate naturally, III. Common errors on I-Stopwith low vibration and noise.

III. Common errors on I-Stop

   The sunshade is an enhanced feature intended to save fuel. However, this system also brings a lot of trouble for those who are first or have not had much experience in contact.

   When there is an error or problem on the I-stop system, the control panel displays several warning lights:
   The yellow-orange I-stop icon represents a faulty or pending I-stop system.
   The exclamation mark symbol indicates a faulty electrical system (battery) affecting the I-stop system.
   The system key less (smart key) is faulty.
   Defective brake system (brake assist not guaranteed)
   The I-stop system works when the vehicle is in motion and the lights are onblue newspaper. At that time, press firmly on the brake pedal, the car stops and starts the engine. Release the brake pedal from the brake pedal, the engine will reactivate and the vehicle will continue to move.
   Some conditions cause the I-stop to not work, the following conditions if it is not guaranteed that the I-stop will not work, it is not an electrical system fault.
   I-stop is disabled by the shortcut button on the lower left tablo of the steering wheel before each stroke (the icon should always be blue or yellow.
   Wheels must be in a non-straight position (steering wheel deflected to the sides)
   The car is stopping on a slope.
   Do not move the vehicle from the moment of starting with the buttonpress start / stop the car (regardless of how long the car has been running before).
   The bonnet, the car doors do not close tightly.
   Do not fasten the driver's seat belt.
   The car battery is not enough.
   The glass heating function is on.
   The air conditioner temperature is too high or too low.
   Cause of this error
   The main cause of I-Stop error is low battery or battery failure accounting for about 90%.
   And the remaining 10% is the fault of the SSU intelligent starting system due to the continuous on/off I-stop.
   So what would be the solution?
   Turn off the I-Stop function when moving in the city
   Permanently disable I-Stop by software.
   Check the battery replacement and the overall electrical system of the vehicle. It should be noted that when replacing the battery, it is necessary to choose a specialized battery for vehicles with I-Stop function.