If technology is subverted, will people live forever?

   With the development of modern science and technology, human life is getting better and better. If technology interferes, can we live forever one day?
   People tend to age and die. If you want to live unsatisfactorily, you must prevent your body from aging.
How to prevent aging?

   Hydra jellyfish is a small invertebrate with a significant aging pattern. They are mainly composed of stem cells, and as old cells are discarded, stem cells continue to divide to produce new cells. 
   Daniel Martinez, a professor of biology at Pomona College in Claremont, California, asked: "Hydra jellyfish don't seem to age, so they have the ability to live forever.

What about humans?
   Humans have stem cells that can repair and even regenerate certain parts of the body, but the human body is not almost entirely composed of cells like Hydra. That's because humans need cells to do other things, not just divide and make new cells. For example, our red blood cells transport oxygen throughout the body.
   Martínez says that Hydra can inspire research to enable people to live healthier lives by figuring out how to make our cells work better with age.
   Particles can be spread through the blood and can prevent aging by repairing cell damage over time. Nanotechnology can also cure certain diseases, including certain types of cancer, by removing cancer cells from the body.
   Eternal TechnologyAs technology advances, futurists have predicted two important milestones. The first is singularity. We will design an artificial intelligence (AI) that is smart enough to redesign ourselves, and it will become smarter and smarter until it is far superior to intelligence. our.
   The researchers mapped the neural connections of the roundworm (Caenorhabditis elegans). As part of the OpenWorm project, they then simulated the brains of roundworms in software that replicated neural connections and programmed the software to control Lego robots. After that, the robot seemed to start behaving like roundworms.
   However, scientists have not yet been able to map the connections between the 86 billion neurons in the human brain (tinea has only 302 neurons), but advances in artificial intelligence can help them. .. We did it.
Once people’s thoughts are on the computer and can be uploaded to the Internet, we don’t have to worry about damage to the human body. Removing the human mind from the body will be an important step on the road to eternal life.
   Susan Schneider, founder and philosopher of the Future Center at Florida Atlantic University, said that if the brain still exists, then a digital copy cannot exist while you are alive; on the contrary, if your brain cannot be uploaded to the Internet, then a digital copy Nor can it be you. "
   According to Schneider, a better way to extend lifespan is through biological innovations compatible with the existence of brain chips.In other words, slowly become a robot, thinking with chips instead of neurons. "
   Most people with middle income and below can achieve immortality in the 2060s"-Ipswich Town (UK) genetic engineering expert and inventor Ian Dr. Pearson teaches future life.