If you want to know someone’s personality, look at the iPhone colors they use

Seeing the color of the iPhone someone is using can reveal their preferences and personality.

“Color expert” Matthew Reacher shares how to judge a person’s personality just by looking at the color of the iPhone. “The powerful influence of color determines the choices we make in everything from the food we eat to the clothes we wear to the cars we buy,” he said.

Therefore, the color of an iPhone that a person chooses can reveal their personality, even if only subconsciously. That’s what Reacher believes.


Someone with a white iPhone may be very clean or like clean things. They can also be open-minded, impartial, and have extremely high standards. “White is associated with simplicity, which may indicate that’s what the owner is looking for,” Reacher said.


If you own a black iPhone, you might think of the phone as a simple service, but it also seems to be associated with power, luxury, sophistication and professionalism. “In general, the choice of black can be a desire for privacy and invisibility, or it can be a strong sign of survival instinct,” he said.


People who like blue can be restrained, calm and conservative. Reacher pointed out that blue is more rare in phone colors than black or white, which also shows that people like unique products. “If it’s a blue phone, that means the person doesn’t need attention, they probably have some creative skills,” Reacher added.


According to Reacher, people with red iPhones can be aggressive, competitive, lascivious, impulsive, and belligerent. Since red is an uncommon color choice for a device, it could also indicate that the owner of a red iPhone is an attention grabber.


People with pink iPhones can be friendly, outgoing, affectionate and expressive. Reacher notes that pink tends to be associated with personality traits like art, caring, and positivity. “Their thoughts and ideas may also be intuitive and idealistic, rather than the most practical,” he said.


Choosing a golden phone can indicate that someone is seeking status, wealth or knowledge. People with golden iPhones can also be very outgoing and social. “They want people to know that they are financially successful and that they have a passion for a luxurious lifestyle,” Reacher explained.

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