India is back to being the cheapest car supplier to Vietnam, with an average of only 218 million VND

   In May 2021, the average price of cars imported from India suddenly dropped to US$9.5 thousand, equivalent to VND 218 million.
According to preliminary statistics of the General Department of Customs, in May 2021, the number of CBU cars of all types registered in customs declarations imported into Vietnam reached 15,600 vehicles, valued at 373 million USD.Compared to the previous month, the number of cars registered as import declarations in May 2021 increased by 4.8% (equivalent to an increase of 714 vehicles) in quantity and by 20.5% (equivalent to an increase of USD 63 million) in terms of volume. value.
   Regarding origin, in May 2021, CBU cars of all kinds registered for customs procedures imported into Vietnam mainly originated from 3 main markets, namely from Thailand with 7,407 vehicles; Indonesia with 4,470 vehicles and from China with 2,790 vehicles. The remaining countries provide a small amount of cars such as: Russia provides Vietnam with 355 cars, Japan 166 cars, Germany 103 cars, the US 87 cars, ...
   Regarding the average value of cars imported into Vietnam, in May 2021, India is the country that provides the lowest priced cars to the Vietnamese market, with the average price of cars imported from this market is only at 9.5 thousand USD (equivalent to 218 million VND).The second largest supplier of cheap cars to Vietnam is Indonesia with the average price of imported cars from this market only about 12.4 thousand USD (equivalent to 284 million VND).Next is Thailand with the average price of cars imported into Vietnam at 20.2 thousand USD (equivalent to 463 million VND).In the opposite direction, Korea suddenly became the most expensive supplier of imported cars to Vietnam with an average price of up to 190.5 thousand USD (4.37 billion VND).