Innovative solutions for the workplace during the Covid pandemic

   Managing people and crowds is no easy task especially during the COVID-19 pandemic taking it to a whole new level of complexity. There are several solutions that you can use to handle HR operations. Conventional manual processes are mostly inefficient. Therefore, innovative technological solutions specifically designed to address workplace challenges during the Covid pandemic are needed.
   As a control company, TTZ Vietnam is always interested in simplifying and automating processes, helping businesses focus on their core work. This includes technology solutions to address COVID-related operational and process challenges.
Solutions to help your business get ready during CovidVisitor Management - ContactlessAlmost all employees have to interact with each other and with customers on a regular basis. Visitor processes are not only important from an operational or security standpoint. They are critical to maintaining hygiene and implementing COVID-safe practices at the entry point of the workplace. An access management system is an important solution in managing different types of visitors in the most secure way possible.
"Facial recognition, QR codes or contactless cards are how a touchless visitor system can work effectively to manage guests as well as employees."
   Systems that can be implemented include:
   Manage vehicles right from the parking lot with a smart vehicle control system with long-range card, license plate or face recognition.Control access with security gates with integrated touchless technology with facial recognition or qr code.Change employee timekeeping with non-touch systems based on face recognition, mobile qr code.People counting and motion tracking systemPeople counting systems are used in retail business to record footfalls and collect data on customer entry and exit. With the development of technology and algorithms, people counting solutions are becoming faster and more accurate.
People counting is a useful solution in social or physical distancing. All you need is a CCTV camera. Fortunately, most offices now have cameras installed. The person counting system will monitor the number and movement of people entering and leaving the space the camera is allowed to capture.
   Crowd Density Analysis System - Distance GuaranteeCamera technology is also used to conduct crowd density analysis. By measuring the distance between two or more people. Using CCTV, the system provides analysis of crowd behavior. An authorized manager can view in a dashboard.
   The data can then be used to take some measure of physical distance when required. For example, if anyone violates the distance rules, the system will notify the authorities or the command center.
   Body temperature screening system - Face recognitionOne of the useful systems in the Covid epidemic is facial recognition and temperature screening. These systems can be facial recognition devices incorporating thermal imaging cameras. This system is useful if you want to automate screening and monitoring of COVID safety practices.
   In office centers with a large number of entrances and exits, manual monitoring is not effective. Temperature checks using facial recognition systems and CCTV are low cost and provide relatively high accuracy.
   ConcludeContactless control, timely insights data, and efficient process execution are some of the safety solutions for businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. This data also helps the authorities to carry out tracing actions to contain the epidemic and make the right decisions.
   Overall, if implemented immediately and effectively, the solutions will definitely help your business create a COVID compliant environment, thereby contributing to a safe community.