Is the price of PlayStation 5 worth buying?

   In recent days, the official price of PlayStation 5 announced by Sony is causing a fever in the world gaming community

I. The price of PlayStation 5 is desirable?

   In Sony's recent announcement, this giant has officially launched the PlayStation 5 with the prices for this system. That's $399 for the driveless version and $499 for the full version. This is the price that gamers consider to be affordable. When comparing the price of the ps5 series compared to the ps3, it stands out even more than the price of the PS5 is so cheap. Is the price of 399$ too high?
   Are you wondering why this PS5 is so expensive? That's right, like other technology products, when you want to own something soon, you have to import it from abroad. The launch time of products in different countries is different, so that's how it is. These products are also called portable
II. There will still be other concerns
   It must be said that the general condition of Vietnamese gamers is not very good. So spending 17 million to own this PS5 early is also a bit bitter. However, not entirely the reason for the price, there are still some other opinions.
1. Wait for the price of the PlayStation 5 upgrade

   Of course, upgrading the PS5 version of sony is completely possible when this big guy has previously released an upgrade for Playstation 4. Therefore, it is natural for gamers to wait for the final version of this series. If you're passionate, then hit the stronger one kk.
2. Not too many exclusive games yet

   Also in the PlayStation 5 showcase, we learned that two games, Horizon Zero Dawn Journey To The West and Spider Man Miles Morales, will still be coming to PlayStation 4, not encapsulated in the new system as before. So many gamers feel that upgrading to a new system is not necessary.