Israel restricts sales of cybersecurity technology after Pegasus scandal

After the Pegasus spyware scandal, the Israeli Ministry of Defense reduced the list of 102 countries that can purchase Israeli cyber security technology to 37, mainly the United States, Canada, and Western countries.

According to a reporter from the Vietnamese news agency Tel Aviv, following the scandal related to NSO’s Pegasus spyware, the Israeli Ministry of Defense recently decided to stop selling cybersecurity technology to many countries.

The Israeli newspaper “Calcalist” quoted the Ministry’s announcement on November 25, stating that the list of 102 countries that can purchase Israeli cyber security technology has been reduced to only 37 countries, mainly the United States, Canada and other countries. Other families. The other west. West.

Countries excluded from the list include Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Morocco, and Mexico-all of these countries have purchased Pegasus software.

Israel’s cyber security sector currently generates 10 billion U.S. dollars in revenue each year, of which hacker tool companies alone contribute about 10% of the revenue.

Mr. Calcalist said that the Israeli authorities are constantly reviewing and adjusting the overall defense export supervision policy, including the export supervision policy of cyber security products.

Israel only approves the export of cybersecurity products to government agencies for legal purposes in crime prevention, investigation, and counter-terrorism.

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The Pegasus software, developed by the Israeli cybersecurity company NSO, is accused of illegally infiltrating the smartphones of journalists and government officials around the world to collect data.

The leaked list of 50,000 trackable targets shocked the world. Because of this software, the United States put the NSO company on the “blacklist.”

NSO insists that Pegasus software is only used to combat terrorism and other types of crime.

Israel has established an interdisciplinary team to investigate these allegations.

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