It has been more than a year since its launch, but it is still very popular. What is the secret of Genshin Impact’s success?

If you are a lover of open-world role-playing games, then the current original impact is definitely one of the choices that gamers should not miss. Initially, this game still received mixed reviews because it just lacks PvP features-this seems to be one of the necessary conditions for success in the world, especially. It is in the Vietnamese market-PK culture has eroded the subconsciousness of many players. However, after more than a year, Yuanshen Impact has overcome all doubts and even achieved countless successes. So what is the secret of Genshin Impact’s success?

Regardless of personality, diverse gameplay

What is the secret of Genshin Impact’s success?

It’s very basic, but it is its game style that is slightly different from many other role-playing games that makes Genshin Impact so successful. To put it simply, players can suddenly switch roles during battle.

This also eliminates the need for players to warm up or enhance individual characters and use a limited combination of skills throughout the journey. The combination of flexible changes, elemental reactions, and dreams are the differences and successes in the initial stage of the Yuanshen impact.

The gashapon mechanism brings surprises

Indeed, the gashapon is one of the most “purse pain” factors that make the soul affect game players. However, this is also part of the fun and success of this masterpiece.

Although the gashapon in the primordial impact greatly reduces luck in terms of safety “insurance”, it is not always effective for players, especially on weapon banners. If the gashapon mechanism is removed, the original heartbeat may be good, but it will definitely not make fans hungry, waiting for their “idol” to appear as they are now.

Suitable for all players

In Swire Impact, there is almost no PvP concept, and there is not much difference between “farmers” and giants. In addition, Genshin Impact is completely suitable for all audiences, rather than just targeting the “wibu” group as many people mistakenly believe.

Specifically, no charging is required. If the limited resources provided by the game are enough to form a complete team, you can still easily play free games in Genshin Impact, especially if there are many gifts in the event. The value is always updated periodically. In addition, if you are a “team” player, you can fully cooperate with other components. But at the same time, the challenges posed by Yuanshen impact are always mild, and they can be overcome by themselves instead of relying on the help of online friends. Mihoyo himself admits that even for “autistic” players who like to do everything by themselves, Genshin Impact will not upgrade the difficulty to maintain fairness.

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