Just eat dinner like this, don’t ask why your blood sugar is soaring

High blood sugar can cause many dangerous health complications. Control blood sugar, not only by taking medicine, but also by paying attention to daily living habits.

Dinner is the last meal of the day. After a busy day, many people often choose to eat a hearty meal. However, in traditional Chinese medicine, night is the time when yang begins to accumulate in the body, and human activities are also reduced when it is time to sleep. If you eat too much at this time, some difficult-to-digest foods will affect the digestive system, especially blood sugar, which has a significant impact on health.

Just eat dinner like this, don’t ask why your blood sugar is soaring

Contraindications for dinner lead to elevated blood sugar

-Dinner is too late

The best time to eat dinner is around 6:00, no later than 8:00, and go to bed 3-4 hours after eating. If you eat at this time, most of the food has been digested in the stomach, will not affect sleep, and help control blood sugar at night.

If you eat too late and sleep too late, the food that is not fully digested will increase the burden on many organs such as the stomach and pancreas. When these organs need rest, they still need a lot of work to be harmful to health. This kind of food digestion is not conducive to maintaining stable blood sugar levels.

-Eat too much meat and fat

Diabetics are often overweight or obese, so it is necessary to limit the consumption of meat and high-fat foods at night. Conversely, soy products should be eaten at this time, eggs will be much better.

  • Eat too much

You only need to eat about 70% full, which is very good for your body. However, some people have a lot of free time at night, so they eat a lot of food, which causes the digestive system to be overloaded and does not work at full capacity until bedtime. Continuously eating like this is definitely not good for blood sugar.

Principles to avoid high blood sugar during dinner

-Only eat 70% full

70% of people feel that although their stomachs are not full, their enthusiasm for food has decreased and the speed of eating has slowed down, so they still want to eat more.

However, when you no longer feel hungry and moderately full, please leave the table to avoid overeating. If you want to control blood sugar at night and avoid high blood sugar, you can use a small food bowl instead.

-Eat healthy food

Large, greasy fish are not allowed for dinner. If you want to eat meat, you can only choose lean meat. You can eat less main dishes and more vegetables.

-Supplement lack of food during the day

Dinner is the best time for you to replenish the lack of nutrients in the day. If you do not eat cereal in the morning and lunch, you can eat some sweet potatoes, pumpkin or raw nuts at night. In addition, if there are not enough green vegetables, you can add more juice. Supplements need the right amount.

-Don’t eat at night

Eating dinner too late will increase the burden of the digestive process and affect the quality of sleep. If office workers need to work overtime, it is best to eat before working overtime. In the process of work, if you feel hungry, you can eat more biscuits or snacks…to avoid overeating.

For dinner, choose foods rich in fiber and carbohydrates. Dinner should have more than 2 kinds of vegetables to increase vitamins and provide fiber.

-Limit alcohol intake

Drinking at night is a habit of many people. However, once your blood sugar rises, you need to limit this habit. Excessive drinking at night does not help control blood sugar.

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