Kungfu wireless charging feature happens to the phone battery?

   Wireless charging came out a few years ago, but it took a while for it to work for phones. So how does this technology work, how does it affect the battery of the phone, let's find out in this article.There are certain limitations when wireless charging is first applied. However, as technology has improved, problems such as slow speed, unstable charging, etc. have been solved.
   Samsung was quick to adopt wireless charging in its Galaxy phones, but it wasn't until Apple launched iPhone models last year that the technology really gained popularity. You will not have to mess around with the charging cable when you want to charge your phone when using this technology.
How does phone battery work?

   Smartphones typically use lithium-ion batteries. The cells have two electrodes, a cathode and an anode with an electrolyte in the middle that allows lithium ions to move between the electrodes.
   Charge cycle limitDifferent types of batteries have different standards but if a certain number of charge cycles is exceeded, the battery will degrade. For example, in the case of Apple iPhone devices, batteries are designed to retain up to 80% of their original capacity after 500 full charge cycles.
   Some argue that when phones charge via a cable, the battery rests, but when they charge on a wireless charging pad, it doesn't. As a result, the battery will go through a limited number of cycles and decelerate faster when charging wirelessly. But is this true?
   Wireless Power Consortium President Menno Treffers said: “Your phone's battery doesn't get drained when you use wireless charging.
   If you want to slow down the charging cycle, the simplest way is to cut down on the amount of electricity you use. An app that runs constantly in the background is likely to do more damage to your battery life than your charging habits.
   Wireless charging temperatureHave you ever noticed your phone heating up when charging wirelessly? The performance degradation of cells is affected by time, temperature and voltage limitations. To increase the amount of energy stored in the cell, manufacturers continue to push the voltage limits.
How to ensure battery life?

   It seems that temperature is what we should pay attention to if we want our phone's battery to have a long life. You can use the best wireless chargers with built-in fans and cooling systems to ensure that the temperature does not rise too high while charging.
   The next note is to not leave your phone in direct sunlight or in a hot car. Do not use your phone to play heavy graphics, demanding games while the phone is plugged in.