Launch of GeForce RTX 3090 iGame KUDAN limited edition COLORFUL

   Yesterday, COLORFUL officially launched the limited edition GeForce RTX 3090 iGame KUDAN graphics card in an 8-minute video posted on bilibili. The Card will be produced only 1000 pieces and will have a starting price of $4999.After a week of posting the revealing image I mentioned in the previous post. Now we have seen firsthand the image of a high-end graphics card dedicated to the giants.
   Briefly about the outer form, there is only one word. Pretty. KUDAN iGame Series is the company's most advanced Flagship Card line. So it is easy to understand that the best, best, most quintessential things are included in this product by COLORFUL. The main black and gray color stretches across the surface, with a few golden motifs interwoven, notably the letter K on the center of the fan in the middle. The cut lines and simple tones give us a very strong and aggressive feeling. To create this design, COLORFUL had to use CNC technology in aluminum alloy fabrication to give an error of only about 0.3mm back.
   RGB LED is indispensable, Modern Light Technology effect brings very realistic light to the user's eyes. Attached to the side of the card is a 60Hz LCD display that can be folded 90 degrees for placement compatibility, this tiny screen will allow users to monitor specific parameters in real time. A rare thing in graphics cards, even in the high-end segment. Integrated Nvidia GA102 graphics processor with 10,496 CUDA cores. 24GB of GDDR6X memory. Three 8Pin PCIe standard connectors for a minimum power supply of 350W. The card has a base clock of 1395 Mhz, but when overclocked it can go up to 1860Mhz. To meet the most high-end and luxury criteria on the KUDAN iGAME series of graphics cards, the heatsink probably deserves to be at the top of the list.
   GeForce RTX 3090 iGame uses hybrid cooling technology, ie with both air and water. We have seen COLOFUL apply heat dissipation on Advance and Neptune lines before. But in this limited edition, the Chinese manufacturer has applied the Swiss assembly design, allowing us to easily disassemble and edit arbitrary parts. The card integrates three 90mm fans with COLORFUL's newly developed technology called "Storm Chaser" and six 6mm heat pipes. The heatsink part has a Plate structure made of copper of iGame Vacuum. According to COLORFUL, the air cooling system on the card alone is enough to balance everything without the need for the remaining monumental water cooling.
   COLORFUL's 240mm AIO water cooling system uses the Breathe-Gill technology we've seen on the Neptune series. Like the structure on the Card, this water cooler uses a 360-degree fitting design, allowing users to easily install and modify. The appearance of this water cooling system helps optimize maximum performance during intense overclocks without worrying about overheating.
   With a quantity of only 1000 pieces with a selling price of 4999 USD, about 110 million VND. You will have the limited edition RTX 3090 iGame KUDAN Card and water cooling system in a luxurious suitcase. Comes with a set of screwdrivers, keycaps and brackets. All are branded KUDAN. A true high-end FLAGSHIP product from the COLORFUL brand.