Lean Book application officially launched: Experience the most convenient reading culture in Vietnam

   Lean Book application of NNT Studio was born to experience Lean reading culture with advanced knowledge. In this application, users can easily grasp knowledge with the most condensed and understandable knowledge.
   With the desire to bring a better experience and simplify the education of Vietnamese people, NNT Studio has launched the application "Lean Book" to contribute to promoting the reading culture of Vietnamese people.
   This application has thousands of biographical content about successful people in many fields, industries and the history of forming big brands and big businesses in the world. In addition, this application also synthesizes knowledge and quintessence of humanity with many different topics.
   “Lean book” is a product drawn from more than 5 years of content production experience on YouTube platform of NNT Studio. It has come a long way, from a small group specializing in producing content on Youtube on the topic of business biographies and business history to an application that aggregates human knowledge content.
NNT Studio is the owner of 2 Youtube Channels Celebrities and Successful People with millions of subscribers and hundreds of millions of views.
   According to Mr. Nguyen Ba Thanh Tung, co-founder of NNT Studio, a certain difficulty when approaching and developing the summary book market in Vietnam is the behavior and habits of users. Many people still do not understand correctly about summary books, thinking that this is the work of choosing sentences and combining paragraphs in the original book.
   In essence, a book summary is a rewriting of the book's content according to each individual's understanding. Of course, the text will have to be as objective and neat as possible.
   The app's founding team found that books that weren't on the bestseller list weren't necessarily bad books. Even the content of this book offers very interesting perspectives. Therefore, Lean Books focuses on the latest and unreleased books in Vietnam to bring new experiences.
   With this application, NNT Studio hopes to bring an easier and more comfortable approach to those who are "afraid" to read books. For those who already have this habit, Lean Books is the solution to shorten the time to learn the book's content before diving into it. In addition, Lean Book also meets the need to acquire knowledge in a short free time amidst the chaos of life.
   Through the Lean Book application, NNT Studio wants to clearly show its mission: Contributing to promoting the reading culture of Vietnamese people. In addition, helping each person develop their full potential to develop themselves, their families and society.