Legend of Mana – Game Review

   Legend of Mana – Although not as popular as in previous years, the "remake, remastered" trend is still quietly taking place.

   As a side story of the famous "Mana trilogy", but not because of that, Legend of Mana has lost its place in the hearts of fans.
And recently, this childhood game has once again been "re-exported", with refreshed graphics to attract players back to the dreamy world of Fa'Diel.

   So, whether Legend of Mana is a good game or will it be a phase that turns a "good pig into a lame pig" from Square Enix.
Let's find out through the following article.


   For those who are new to Legend of Mana but have never played through the original, there will be quite a lot of new things to discover.
   The first is different from new games, "always holding hands" or at least will show you some mysterious map or arrow so you know where you have to go.
   As for Legend of Mana, things will be a bit more complicated, and you should prepare yourself mentally, because in general the game will not give any instructions to the player.
   Everything in the game is done in a radically non-linear way, players will have to learn how to play, learn the plot and of course, you also have to choose the dialogue to create an adventure. own.
   Speaking of the plot, as a brother of the "last fantasy", Legend of Mana has a plot that is equally virtual and dreamlike.
Hard to say that the game has a complete story, you can think of this game as a collection of fairy tales and you are the surprise factor to make this collection complete.
   However, although it is a collection of short stories, the game still has a background story so that you do not get lost in the world of "who am I, what am I doing".The game will start over the land of Fa'Diel, a land that has been burned down along with the ancient Mana Tree - which is said to be the source of all things.
   After the Mana Tree was in danger, the humans, elves, beastmen, and other races of Fa'Diel engaged in a never-ending war for the remaining life-energy (Mana) in the artifacts.
   As the chosen hero, you will be tasked with collecting artifacts and restoring the Mana Tree in order to bring peace to the world and recreate the once-rich land of Fa'Diel.