“Mathematics has many applications in preventing and controlling Covid-19”

This is a topic of interest to many scientists and will be shared at the Asia Pacific Industrial Mathematics Forum in 2021.

This forum was organized by the Institute of Advanced Mathematics in cooperation with Kyushu University (Japan) and the Asia-Pacific Industrial Mathematics Alliance. It will be held from December 13th to 16th.

The 2021 Asia Pacific Industrial Mathematics Forum is a place where researchers from multiple fields of mathematics share their experience and knowledge in the application of mathematics in production, business and life. .Social life.

This is also an opportunity for researchers to share the achievements of mathematics in the formation and development of the digital economy. In addition, the forum also provides an opportunity for Vietnam to strengthen international cooperation in the field of applied mathematics, promote the development of mathematics in the industrial field, and enhance its scientific status and reputation. And technology. Vietnam Studies. In the region and the south of the world.

With the theme of “Mathematics Application of Digital Economy”, this forum focuses on discussing and solving current digital economy problems, through the application of mathematical solutions in a revolutionary context. industry. The fourth industrial revolution and the trend of digital transformation are taking place strongly today; focusing on multiple industries and fields, such as: information and communication technology; industries related to digital technology; traditional industries are transitioning to digital technology.

In particular, the whole morning of December 15th focused on “Mathematics of Covid-19” (Mathematics of Covid-19), dedicated to the latest research in mathematics, statistics and scientific applications. Data learning. in spite of. Materials for the prevention and control of Covid-19.

“All these tasks require the use of mathematical tools such as statistics to obtain accurate information from raw data in order to make recommendations to researchers and decision makers. These are extremely complex tasks”, Professor Le Minh Ha, Executive Director of the Institute of Advanced Mathematics.

Dean Ha said that the Institute of Advanced Mathematics should make mathematics not only an independent scientific field, but also play a role in other fields, especially the industrial field.

According to the organizer, this forum attracted hundreds of scientists, managers, lecturers, graduate students, doctoral students and interested students to register on-site and online.

“We hope that in addition to in-depth conferences and seminars, there are also activities to support young mathematicians, so that they can be more confident and confident in their research path.” Ha said.

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