Microsoft has a bold idea when using the human brain to mine coins

   Recently, Microsoft announced a new technology invention, it seems that technology believers only think in fiction movies. The patent describes how a person fitted with sensors on the body, using brain waves on the Internet, will be able to mine virtual currency (coins). In simple and understandable words, surfing the web, watching ads will no longer be the usual entertainment needs. Because Microsoft will show you how to make money, even get rich from it.
   Currently, cryptocurrencies or coins are considered to be the most commonly used virtual currencies today. And of course, in the future when technology is more and more developed, the coin will tend to increase in value. Along with investing in coins, many people also tend to learn how to earn them. It can be seen that Microsoft's launch of this "extraordinary" patent not only makes the technology world admire but also makes coin investors even more hopeful about this virtual currency.
   Patent to mine coins with human brainA Microsoft patent shows the ability to pay users cryptocurrencies each time they view an ad or use a certain service on the Internet. According to The Independent, in the patent, the software giant proposes a technological method of creating an entirely new cryptocurrency. It tracks the user's brain activity and other personal biometric data.
   The patent “Cryptocurrency system using body activity data” describes how to attach various sensors to the human body, track their information and convert it into cryptocurrency via a process. "declared" process. waterfall ".
Currently, cryptocurrencies are mined using computer processing power; to solve complex algorithms. The idea of   Microsoft brings a new way.
How the human body creates cryptocurrency

   Accordingly, this process is carried out through "the activity of the human body associated with a task". And track the results with a biometric sensor.
   Virtual currency system using body data“For example, brain waves or body temperature are emitted when the user performs a task ordered by the provider. Such as viewing ads; or use certain Internet services,” the patent explains.This can be considered as proof of work. Therefore, users solve the problem unconsciously”.
   The harness system connects to various sensors on the body; to detect required user activity. From there generate cryptocurrency. Sensors that can be used include: MRI scanners, thermometers; and heart rate or infrared sensor.
   Microsoft Coin Mining PatentIn addition to brain waves and body temperature; Other metrics that can be monitored include: “Liquid flow in the body”, “activity and movement of organs”.The patent lists 28 different concepts of what operations can be used to mine cryptocurrencies. Including as browsing social networks; and interact with an artificial intelligence chat bot or visit a website.
   Microsoft has not determined which cryptocurrencies are mined through this method. It could be a brand new blockchain-based digital payment network exclusively developed.