Microsoft launches Windows 11, allowing free upgrades from Windows 10

   After 6 years since the Windows 10 operating system was used, Microsoft has launched a successor product called Windows 11 with many completely new experiences, and announced to allow users to upgrade for free.On the night of June 24 (Vietnam time), Microsoft officially held a livestream of the Windows 11 launch event. Similar to many recent technology events, the Windows 11 launch ceremony was televised online, without a press conference.
   According to the company's announcement, the Windows 11 operating system will be pre-integrated on the new desktop computers. Windows 10 PCs can start getting a free upgrade to Windows 11 at the start of the upcoming holiday season.
   Microsoft said that the focus for this "upgrade" is Windows 11 in the direction of simplifying the user interface, the new Windows Store and adding many interesting features. So the new operating system promises further improvements in performance and multitasking support.Accordingly, users will easily find what they need with just one click on the Start button located in the center of the screen. The Start button leverages the power of the cloud and Microsoft 365 to show users recently viewed files regardless of which device they've previously accessed from, whether Android or iOS. Thanks to that, users can quickly resume unfinished work.
   Notably, Microsoft says this is the first time Android apps have been brought to Windows.
   In terms of multitasking, the Windows 11 operating system will be more optimized thanks to features such as Snap Layouts, Snap Groups and Desktops, allowing users to rearrange and optimize screen space.
   With Desktops feature, users can customize the screen space for different aspects of life such as work, play, study and easily switch back and forth.
   In addition, users can quickly access the information they are interested in with the Widgets feature. This feature allows newsletters to be tailored based on the best browser performance and application of AI technology from Microsoft Edge. For users who are creators and publishers, the Extensions feature opens up new spaces for personalized content delivery.
   Microsoft is confident that the Windows 11 operating system is the perfect secure platform for work and study purposes. With security in mind, Windows 11 integrates new security technologies and provides Zero Trust operating system to protect data and access on all devices.