Mobile marketing, now what to do?

   Most Vietnamese people think Mobile Marketing is SMS Marketing and think SMS Marketing is spam! However, there are also many marketers who keep mobile marketing in mind when planning and budgeting their media. But most make basic mistakes. What is that?

   First, "Do you sell databases?"

   Second, "Why did you send it but no one bought it?"

   Third, "Or send a few more times?"
   There are many criteria to build a successful Mobile Marketing campaign and the prerequisite is that it will not be successful if only using Mobile. Mobile is now important but not enough to build a single campaign.
   The customer (the database) is not something to buy back to spam and annoy them. Are you satisfied when you receive an SMS from someone you don't know?
   Each SMS is so cheap compared to Direct Mail, compared to TVC, print-ad or whatever. But many people find it cheap to abuse, no matter how many times they send it. So what should be sent, to whom, when, how?
   Can I ship it myself, can I do it myself or do I have to hire it? Hire or do it yourself, it doesn't matter, it's important that you understand the nature to operate.
   Can I measure performance? Attending this program, you will be shared about the statistics that the organizers give for this program by Mobile and SMS to attract you how much% comes from which channel.