Naruto officially “parachute” in the survival blockbuster “3 Billion Dollars”, after many noisy cooperation

Recently, there have been many rumors that Naruto will appear in the survival game Fortnite. On November 10th, Epic officially confirmed that this popular comic will appear in its global survival game. On Fortnite’s Twitter, I officially shared a photo of “Naruto: Shippuden” and the 2017 $3 billion survival blockbuster announcing a collaboration photo.

Naruto officially “parachute”

It is reported that the premiere of this event will be officially launched on November 16. The official statement was issued after the HyperX account, which allegedly “leaked” information about this famous survival game. As expected, Fortnite’s Naruto-themed event will begin with Update 18.40.

This should be the last major update of the season, and it may be the entire 2021. Just recently, Fortnite also cooperated with the “big guys” of Riot in the e-sports village to promote the Arcane game series. So, not long after, Fortnite announced two popular names that will appear in this famous survival game.

Fortnite ranks second among the highest paid games one year after release

Despite its great success in foreign markets, Fortnite is not a survival game that has attracted attention in Asian countries. Recently, Epic and Tencent officially announced that they would close Fortnite in the Chinese market-they pioneered the release of a survival blockbuster with an annual revenue of nearly US$2.8 billion.

This survival blockbuster became a bomb in the Chinese market after failing to obtain an official distribution license after more than two years of testing.

The most important thing is connectivity. Related to licensing.

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