Netflix's Kingdom Is Having Its Own Cross-Platform Mobile Game

   Are you a fan of the Korean Netflix horror show? Well, we have some good news for you, as Action Square is developing a cross-platform multiplayer game based on the show, called Kingdom: The Blood.
   Kingdom first appeared on Netflix in 2019, as the first Korean production, with season 2 confirmed in 2020. However, you can trace the series' origins from a series webcomic, Kingdom of the Gods. Kingdom centers on a Crown Prince trying to uncover the secrets of a plague ravaging his country - yes, this means zombies are a prominent part of the show.
   Thankfully, the action RPG stays true to the show, meaning all the Korean zombie fans out there can enjoy. While plot details are still scarce early on, it draws inspiration from the series' "inheriting royal blood" plot. As such, you can expect to at least face hordes of the undead.
   Currently, there is no release date for Kingdom: The Blood, however, we will provide more details in future announcements. Check out the trailer below for an early feel for the title.
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