New base software appears to fix Samsung G7 Odyssey screen flickering problem

Some users report that the 240Hz gaming screen is pending. Not anymore.

The base program update for the Samsung G7 Odyssey gaming screen appears to be fixing a stammer that some users have reported since its launch. The firmware has been detected on subreddit r/Monitors and anecdotes reports suggest it is classifying the problem for those who make mistakes.

As a premium 240Hz gaming screen, the Samsung G7 comes with support for both AMD and Nvidia’s altered refresh rate (VRR) systems: AMD FreeSync Premium Pro and Nvidia G-Sync. In theory, these will ensure that there are few or no on-screen anolyses when gaming at high refresh rates.

However, initial reports from buyers showed that some devices experience problems when turning on the VRR. The problem doesn’t appear in every unit, as many reviews say they don’t experience flickering, such as TFTCentral, while others mention that they did, such as DigitalTrends.

Thankfully, it looks like an operational solution that has been implemented. The new base software, version 1009.3, discovered on Reddit, appears to fix the problem reported to those who are suffering from it to this day.

The new firmware allows users to choose a new option in the settings, reported Reddit user finch20046, after being turned on appears to have fixed the reported flashing issue.

Many other users also reported that the fix solved the problem.

We’ll have to wait and see if this is a popular patch, as we’re still relying on anecdo teller reports for repairs, but it seems promising just moments after the base program works.

If you are experiencing a short-standing phenomenon, the new facility program is reported online on the Samsung US website. You can download the new firmware, version. 1009.3, on the Samsung US page here.