New study reveals mistakes in weight loss

New research findings suggest that dieting, veganism or using functional foods is not having the desired effect for people trying to lose weight.

Many people have misunderstandings about how to lose weight, according to a new survey by a Japanese company on how obese people lose weight.

The investigation was conducted by Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals Ltd in Tokyo. The survey results show that 19.4% of the respondents said they have successfully lost weight through exercise. This is the group with the highest weight loss success rate.

The second group of people who successfully lost weight were those who restricted their alcohol intake, with an 18.4 percent success rate.

【16:8 weight loss method】

Other weight loss methods with a high success rate included limiting snacking (13.5%) and limiting the intake of certain carbohydrate-rich foods (sugar, starch, fiber) (13.4%). And those who only dieted (diet) had a 10.9 percent success rate.

The group with the lowest weight loss success rate was those who used Chinese food, herbs or supplements, with a success rate of only 5%, lower than those who used Chinese food. Use Chinese diet. Use this method. Half a bath (6.7%).

These results suggest that dieting and vegetarianism or the use of supplements do not have the expected results for people trying to lose weight.

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