One Punch Man: The Strongest - a "mainstream" general card game suddenly landed in Vietnam

   Vietnamese gamers are about to be transformed into the "holy bulge" Sait in the latest game project of VNG with the name One Punch Man: The Strongest.
   Nearly a year ago, Vietnamese mobile gamers were extremely excited with rumors that the extremely popular game One Punch Man: The Strongest had been purchased and will soon be released in the Vietnamese market. However, specific information about NPH as well as the time of the game's release has not been disclosed.
   It was not until June 11, the official fanpage of the game was opened. And the publisher of this game in Vietnam is not a stranger but the "big man" VNG. Specifically, according to what VNG shared on the official fanpage of One Punch Man: The Strongest, NPH VNG will be the exclusive publisher of this game in the Vietnamese market.
   If you do not know, One Punch Man: The Strongest is a game based on the manga about the bald hero Saitama with the ability to "punch to death". Besides, this is also the main product of the franchise from Shueisha - the publisher of the One Punch Man manga. Therefore, the game will bring all the familiar characters such as Genos, Garou, Atomic Samurai ... along with extremely beautiful skill sets. Especially the game is voiced quite professionally with the voice team that made the success of this anime series. The game will follow a turn-based strategy, with gacha (dial to build a strong character lineup).
   The fact that the first "official" game of One Punch Man was exclusively released by VNG has made the gaming community love mobile games in Vietnam and love this popular manga series extremely assured of both the quality and the quality of the game. One Punch Man: The Strongest content. In addition, with the experience and excellent performance from VNG, One Punch Man: The Strongest will surely continue to develop in the future.
   Although the official landing time of One Punch Man: The Strongest has not been revealed by VNG, but if you are a loyal gamer of this NPH, you can see that usually their mobile games will released in about 1 to 2 months from opening the official fanpage. Therefore, the gaming community can completely rest assured that it will soon be able to experience the extremely attractive "original" game right this summer.