Our brains are affected by these incredible

The human brain may be the most mysterious organ in the human body. Some of the things we do every day affect the brain in incredible ways and teach us to understand those things.

1. Chronic sleep deprivation can impair memory

Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, have found compelling evidence that sleep deprivation impairs memory and contributes to Alzheimer’s disease. During nighttime sleep, brain cells eliminate dangerous toxic compounds. If a person doesn’t get enough sleep, it can adversely affect their brain cells.

2. Chronic stress damages the brain

Memory loss, learning ability, and self-control are all consequences of chronic stress. Furthermore, it can make us feel irritable, anxious, stressed and constantly distracted.

3. Love and hate have a lot in common

British scientists have found that love and hate originate in similar brain regions. Unlike hatred, however, love significantly reduces activity in areas responsible for judgment and logical thinking.

4. The brain is sensitive to dehydration

Our brains are almost 80% water. Therefore, even moderate dehydration (about 2%) can impair concentration and alertness, leading to impairment of short-term memory and other cognitive abilities.

5. Pregnancy changes the structure of the brain

Scientists have shown that pregnancy reduces the amount of gray matter in a brain region responsible for social perception and the ability to understand others. All of this is necessary to strengthen the mother-infant relationship, to help women understand the needs of their babies, and to be aware of possible external dangers.

6. High sugar in the diet can impair memory and reduce learning ability

A diet rich in fructose slows brain development and reduces the ability to learn, remember information and concentrate. This is because excess sugar can disrupt neural connections in the brain.

Scientists stress that industrially produced sugar (added to soft drinks, condiments, sauces and baby food) is more harmful. However, products containing omega-3 fatty acids (fatty fish, nuts, and fish oils) will help eliminate the consequences of this disease.

7. Maternal love

Science shows that romantic relationships and motherhood are very similar, but also different, based on brain activity. Falling in love, for example, activates brain regions associated with sexual arousal. Also, anxiety and fear will decrease, while euphoria will increase. Maternity activates the areas responsible for emotion formation.

8. Drawing can boost brain activity

Drawing and thinking about artwork can improve interactions between brain regions while slowing their aging process, a study suggests. Scientists have studied the effects of art on people aged 62 to 70. Half of them took art history courses and the other half took courses. . Art learning. Drawing classes provide better results than art history.

9. The perfect brain training book

Scientists at Oxford University have shown that the process of reading can exercise the cognitive abilities of the brain. It also activates specific areas that are not used for other things. When reading a book, blood enters the areas of the brain responsible for concentration and perception. It’s worth noting that this effect doesn’t happen when watching TV or playing computer games. Therefore, reading is necessary and irreplaceable in any period.

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