Overview of the iOS 15 operating system

   Is there a way to downgrade iOS 15 to 14.8? Surely this is the question of many Apple users after upgrading to iOS 15.    Because after upgrading to iOS 15, some users encounter problems such as unfamiliarity with how to use it or an error when updating. . . If you are also facing that problem, don't worry, let's learn with Ben right away how to downgrade iOS 15 to 14.8 right now.
   Overview of the iOS 15 operating systemHow to downgrade iOS 15 to 14.8 is actually not too complicated, but let's take a look at the new features of iOS 15 first.
   At dawn on September 21, iOS 15 version was officially available to users. With a file size of about 5 - 6G, iOS 15 version applies to models from Iphone 6S to Iphone 13 Pro max and Ipod Touch 7th generation.
   With the Ipad line, Apple has removed the Ipad mini 4 (2015) and Ipad air 2 from the update list. So, now the Ipad line from Ipad Pro 2020 to Ipad mini 5.
   With this new operating system, users can own a lot of attractive new features:

   Share Facetime Calls as Share Links: With this new update, Apple manufacturer has improved the Facetime app. Now you can schedule, share your Facetime calls with your friends on both Android and Windows operating systems as a sharing link.
Screen sharing: this feature is called SharePlay, this application allows users to share the screen of Facetime calls. Or higher, you can share the screen to watch movies, listen to music. The feature is rolling out in apps like Apple Music, Apple TV, or 3rd party services like Disney, HBO Max, and more.
   Summary of low interest rate notices: this is a fairly new and convenient feature. This Notifications feature allows you to group notifications that are of little interest to you into groups and set a display time for it. This message will only be displayed once a day.
   Focus Mode: This new Apple feature allows to display different notifications of different apps you install on your phone. You can go into settings and customize this to your liking.
   Siri virtual assistant: Apple over the years has always been racing to improve its virtual assistant. Aim to compete with Amazon and Google's virtual assistants. Therefore, in iOS 15 you can own a smarter virtual assistant, get information faster, look up better.