Post-Covid digital transformation using cloud computing platform

   With the "push" from the Covid-19 pandemic, digital transformation will certainly take place strongly and comprehensively in all fields, helping Vietnamese businesses to be flexible in changing operating models, saving money and saving money. cost reduction, cost reduction. lower costs. costs, maintaining operations. In particular, cloud computing plays the role of an incentive platform, which has a great impact on the pace and competitive advantage of businesses and organizations... So what is cloud computing?
 1. What is Cloud Computing?
   You may have heard the term cloud computing or “Cloud computing”, so do you understand what cloud computing is? Cloud computing is simply a collection of computing resources and services provided on a website.
   Over the past few years, cloud computing has revolutionized the computing industry, fundamentally changing the way resources are used, the structure of operations, and the storage, distribution, and processing of information. Most of us have been using one or more cloud computing application services in our daily life as well as in business management.
   In this computing model, all IT-related capabilities are provided as a "service", allowing users to access technology services from a given provider "in the cloud". . without the need for knowledge and experience of that technology, and without regard to the infrastructure serving that technology.
2. Who needs to use cloud computing?
   Cloud computing can be used by everyone
   Cloud computing can be used by anyone:
   Companies, businesses and organizations have a need to store and share data.Websites, apps, software developers.End user (individual user).

3. How does cloud computing work?

   Cloud computing works by transferring resources over the internet
   Cloud computing provides users with access to servers, data, and services over the internet. Then users will be provided and used what they want through the web platform
4. What are the advantages of the “cloud computing” model?
   Thus, in the past to be able to deploy an application (for example a website), you had to buy/rent one or more servers (server lease), and then order servers at data centers ( data center). hub) now the cloud allows you to ease the buying/renting process. You just need to state your request, the system will automatically collect free resources to meet your request. Therefore, some basic benefits of cloud computing can be mentioned as follows: Dynamic use of computing resources: Resources are allocated to the business exactly what the business wants immediately by mobilizing free resources available on the internet.
   + Reduce costs: Businesses will be able to cut the cost of purchasing, installing and maintaining resources. Instead, they simply define their needs and then ask the cloud service providers to proceed.
   + Reduce complexity in the structure of the business: By outsourcing the setup and operation of the IT apparatus, the business will only focus on the production of its specialized items and reduce the complexity. in structure.
   + Increase use of computer resources: One of the headache questions of resource investments (eg servers) is how long to amortize, whether such an investment is profitable or not, is it technologically backward? technology? Technology? When using resources in the cloud, you no longer have to worry about this.
  5. Limitations of “cloud computing” technology

   Although there are many advantages, however, cloud computing technology also has some disadvantages such as:
   + Difficult to manage and secure: Because these systems often focus on the advantages of sharing and saving resources. Since then, the implementation of management, security and prevention of hackers encounters many difficulties. In the face of the technical state of attacks and sabotage of hackers for profit gain, it is increasingly common. In the future, we will definitely focus more on security for this cloud platform.
   + Handling expired data: The type of data stored in the cloud system for too long is one of the difficult problems. Example in Google driver. Some user accounts store a lot of files there. However, these files have not been accessed or modified and used for many years. Aggregate such many types of data, our wasted storage space will also be quite a lot.
   Since then, many businesses providing hosting services also often warn customers about expired data that will be deleted by them in the future to avoid wasting storage resources.