Preventing COVID-19 with Exmicror Plus Organic Antiseptic Solution

Safe for children, the elderly, pregnant or breastfeeding women, the Exmicror Plus Organic Sanitizer can be used to spray personal disinfectants, clean building floors, clean kitchens and preserve food.

No one is immune to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, said Nguyen Dong Tu, head of the microbiology department at the National Institute of Health and Epidemiology. The main principle of disease prevention is to prevent the source of infection by disinfecting, wearing a mask, personal hygiene and cleaning surfaces to remove bacteria.

In addition to daily cleaning and disinfection, regular use of disinfectants is a necessary safeguard, as disinfection is not only effective against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but is also highly effective in preventing transmission. other pathogenic viruses.

On March 12, Inteco International Joint Stock Company launched Exmicror Plus organic disinfectant imported from Mexico, which has been evaluated and tested to international standards.

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Inteco General Manager Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son said that Exmicror Plus surface disinfectant organic solution has many outstanding advantages over traditional disinfection products.

Exmicror solutions are FDA/GRAS approved by Cofepris (Mexico’s Ministry of Health) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA – USA) and have been shown to be absolutely safe and harmless. Love. reason. Does not cause skin irritation and has no side effects even in children, pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Globally, Exmicror Plus has been widely used in industry, food, hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels, etc.

With these safety certifications, Exmicror Plus is an antibacterial spray especially suitable for sensitive subjects such as children, the elderly, allergy sufferers.

In Vietnam, Exmicror Plus surface sterilization organic solution has been approved for circulation by the Ministry of Health. The Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health of the Ministry of Health, the Central Institute of Health and Epidemiology and other units have conducted a true test on the sterilization effect, and the sterilization effect is as high as 99.9999%.

Exmicror Plus Surface Sanitizer is available in a variety of capacities and can be used as a spray or to clean surfaces for a variety of everyday applications.

Exmicror Plus can be used as a mobile product for personal use, floor cleaning, kitchen cleaning and food preservation.

In the context of the complex development of the COVID-19 epidemic, the emergence of Exmicror Plus will help protect and bring safe green spaces to everyone, every family, every institution and unit. and the entire community.

Not only that, Exmicror Plus will help to develop a daily habit of using organic products in every home and business without harming health and the environment.

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