PUBG Mobile’ is the highest-grossing mobile game worldwide in 2020

   According to the report, PUBG Mobile generated almost $ 2.6 billion in revenue by 2020.“PUBG Mobile, combined with Chinese localization, Game For Peace doesn't ... worldwide revenue on the App Store and Google Play in 2020, it rakes in almost $ 2.6 billion. from the beginning of the year, up 64.3 percent from 2019, ”said Sensor Tower in a blog post.

   Tencent's record of five mobile games including PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings generated over $ 1 billion by 2020, it said.
Honor of Kings is the second highest-grossing mobile game of the year, raking in almost $ 2.5 billion in player spend, up 42.8% from 2019, according to the report.Pokémon GO from Niantic came in third, on the cumulative $ 1.2 billion revenue list so far, up 31.5% from 2019, followed by Coin Master from Moon Active, generating 1.1 billion. dollars in 2020.
   Roblox from Roblox Corporation rounded up this year's list of billion-dollar games, nearly doubling its 2019 mobile revenue to $ 1.1 billion.
   "It was a tremendous success during the global Covid-19 and post-Covid-19 pandemic, which already had market revenue, "the report said. Global mobile play soars as people seek entertainment at home ”.
   “So far, by 2020, the global mobile games market has made a profit of $ 75.4 billion, up 19.5% from 2019. Although 2021 is hard to compare with sales growth. This year's extraordinary mobile game collection, we expect the field to build on the strong performance of 2020, which could lead to many billions of dollars of hits by the end of next year, ”it said. to speak.