PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode 2020: Play and win this scary game mode with this professional guide

PUBG Mobile zombie mode 2020 will take you to a scary game world like DayZ with a lot of zombies. Here’s a complete guide to how to play and win.

PUBG Mobile zombie mode 2020 will take you to a scary game world like DayZ with a lot of zombies. Besides, you will have a good Halloween game to play during this holiday season. Here’s a full guide to how to play as well as some professional tips and tricks. Check them with

How to play PUBG Mobile New Zombie Mode 2020?
This newly added game mode is available to choose from in the EvoGround section. You’ll see That Infection Mode in The Harbor is finally a map of this game mode. The two teams will be identified as Zombies and Defenders. Zombie players must approach Defenders to hurt them with melee attacks and turn them into souls.

Meanwhile, the Defenders, of course, must fight and destroy Zombies before these creatures bring them to the appearing line. Players can choose to use melee weapons or firearms to destroy Zombies.

When either The Guardian or Zombies eliminate the other team, they will win that round and move on to the next round with the roles being switched. Or if not, Zombies still lose the game if at least one Defender is alive when the time of that inning is counted down to no.

PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode 2020 update
This spooky game mode was brought back upon the release of the latest update 1.0. Infection Mode 2020 takes place on the same lost harbor as in 2019. However, this new map has some new decorations that bring a Halloween atmosphere to the game. The developers added some spooky Halloween lights, candles, and pumpkins while keeping the structure of the buildings and foundations on the harbor intact.

Besides, the developer does not make any changes to the gameplay. Some key features such as power zones, melee weapons, guns and materials remain. However, the zombies look a little different.

It seems that they add some wolverines to replace the old-fashioned zombies in this mode. But the missions of Zombies and Defenders do not change. In addition, the swimming ring used as a buffer in Infection Mode has previously been replaced by a Pumpkin buffer this year.

PUBG Mobile corpse mode removed in 2020
As we all know, Infection Mode in PUBG Mobile is always a time-limited game mode. Pubg Mobile’s developers only launched the spooky zombie mode during Halloween to celebrate this festival. They will then remove this game mode at the end of the celebration. They can introduce another game mode to replace this zombie mode or just delete it from the game

Although the zombie mode is fun and competitive, it can get boring if it is available to play all year. That’s why Tencent will get rid of it when Halloween is over. As usual, this game mode was removed in the following update. Pubg Mobile’s next update will arrive in the middle of next month. Therefore, you can only have about two weeks to play and enjoy this scary game mode.

Tips to win Zombie mode in PUBG Mobile 2020
In PUBG Mobile zombie mode 2020, you will play in both The Guardian and The Zombie’s role in a match. Therefore, you need different tactics and tips to win both matches in both of these roles. Here are some tips to play this Infection Mode as a Guardian or Zombie that you should pocket.

Tips to play as a guard
The right-backs survive until the time is up. So you need some survival tips.

Go to high places, such as the top of high-rise towers, roofs, and boxes to shoot down zombies. There is a large Pumpkin buffer that you can use to jump to the top of the tower for camping. However, you must be ready to fight and defend the choking points because the zombies can also get to that point.
Keep moving in open spaces and avoid corners, otherwise, you will be surrounded, blocked, and killed.
Track the clock to see how many seconds left to switch strategies.
Do not stop when you reload the gun. If your gun runs out of ammo when you confront the enemy wave, just switch to melee weapons like swords.
You should pick up the Booster that appears randomly on the map to increase HP and damage each hit.

Tips for playing like a zombie
Zombies must defeat all defenders before time is counted down to No.

Stay close to your teammates and take them down one by one.
Zombies are not damaged from the power zone, so you can stay out of the playing area without damage.

You can level up to Zombie King after killing two Defenders. At that time, you will become stronger and more dangerous.
Besides, low-level zombies can also pick up boosters to level up zombie king.
Here’s what you need to know about PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode 2020 as well as some tips for playing and winning this Halloween-themed mode. To update the latest news about PUBG Mobile games as well as many tips, tricks, gaming tutorials for gamers, let’s visit the website