Race track 96 review - a ride well worth the ride

   Walk the unfinished road and try to make a difference
   The elevator pitch for 96th Street is a strange, but fascinating: a procedurally generated road trip through fictional '90s country Petria, where you play as a teenager trying to cross the border. With thousands of possible paths and a colorful cast of characters to interact with, no two rides are alike. It's an ambitious concept, and somehow the game has done a pretty great job in development.
   Inspired by directors like Tarantino and The Coen Brothers, Road 96 is a narrative game where characters and dialogue are the bright spots. Your mute protagonist interacts with others and your choices impact the world and change the outcome of your story.
   You start from one of many possible starting points, thousands of miles away from the Petria border that every character wants to cross. You interact with the game's many characters, locations, and scenarios to further this, convincing people to let you ride the elevators, explore different areas, and observe a few memorable moments.
   The best part is, most of the time it doesn't take too long to get to the border and hopefully cross it. Maybe just a few hours, less if you're in a hurry. Choosing to continue will take you back to the beginning, but from a very different point thousands of miles from the border. You have to start from scratch, but you'll meet some familiar faces along the way.
   However, while your characters restart, the timeline doesn't, and you often see the consequences of your previous actions spill over into the next run, where your new character is now. can interact with the world. While not everything you do has an impact, every run contains dramatic moments that have far-reaching effects on both this game and its sequel. It's fascinating to see the results of different picks but from the other side of the country or to see exactly how certain characters react.
   More importantly, there are rewards for returning to Petria and collectable items to explore. You can find boosts on subsequent plays that give you an edge on things like your lock, your social skills, and even the odds of rolling the dice, which determine the outcome. the outcome of several encounters based on chance. While there are so many different areas to explore and explore, the added value of additional skills means that as you rediscover familiar areas, you'll have new tools to explore. . Destroy every room and ability.
   I find myself happy when I go to places to find familiar faces again. The characters in Road 96 are well written, with some great voice acting, and each character has very well explained and executed motives. The political scene of this fictional country is especially tumultuous when you're exploring and you can witness and influence some really interesting events, as well as dig into the pasts of many people. the object you encounter. It's all presented in a way convincing enough that I feel the same way every time I watch another episode of the TV series, just hoping to get a different perspective on what Zoe is doing or why John is being bullied. bully. Drunk and perplexed exploration in the wilderness.