Rainbow Six Siege’s Close Quarter Map Is Perfect for Team Deathmatch

Being the first dedicated Team Deathmatch map in Rainbow Six Siege, Close Quarter streamlines map design to allow players to focus on the carnage.

Team Deathmatch may not be the biggest reason people play Rainbow Six Siege, but the mode is still in the game nonetheless. Introduced in Operation Demon Veil, Team Deathmatch is the perfect place for players to let off some steam without having to worry about things like mission objectives or friendly fire. In the mode, all Rainbow Six Siege players need to worry about is shooting the enemy team before getting shot themselves. The first team to make it to 75 kills or the team who has the most kills within five minutes is the winner.

Rainbow Six Siege's Close Quarter Map Is Perfect for Team Deathmatch
Rainbow Six Siege’s Close Quarter Map Is Perfect for Team Deathmatch

Up until recently, Team Deathmatch utilized maps that were used in Rainbow Six Siege‘s other game modes. Favela, Theme Park, Coastline, Emerald Plains, and Villa had their play spaces confined to allow for the close to mid-range engagements Team Deathmatch enthusiasts prefer. It wasn’t the most original thought, but the enclosed maps did allow players to find each other more quickly and use all the available weapons more effectively. With the inclusion of Close Quarter in Operation Vector Glare, Team Deathmatch finally has a map that specifically allows for moment-to-moment gunplay and split-second decisions.

No-Frills Surroundings Make For A Streamlined Experience

Upon entering Close Quarter for the first time, players will realize that the map looks unlike any of the other locales in Rainbow Six Siege. Both the first and second floors are mostly devoid of furniture, giving the map a barebones feel that allows players to focus on gunplay rather than hide behind cover. Close Quarter has certain features that make each room distinct (such as the kitchen sink and cupboards in Kitchen and the shower stalls in Showers), but there is barely anything between the entrances and exits to each room. What’s more, the lack of a roof on the second floor and the see-through bulletproof floors and panels allow sunlight to stream through almost every corner of the map. The abundance of lighting on the map, combined with the scarcity of busy environments caused by the lack of furniture, allows players to easily acquire their targets and take them out.

Easily Identifiable Surroundings And Breakable Walls Make Getting Around Easier

If the distinct features weren’t enough for players to identify a certain location, each place is properly labeled and color-coded to make it easily recognizable. Yellow Stairs, Blue Showers, Green Piano Room – all the places in Close Quarter can be identified by a piece of furniture, a color, or a label. When compared to the locations of Emerald Plains, Close Quarter makes it so that even new players can tell where they are on the new Team Deathmatch map.

Close Quarter not only makes it easy for players to tell where they are, but it also makes getting around easier. See-through bulletproof walls and floors allow players to locate their enemies faster without running the risk of getting killed themselves. Once they have located their targets, players can break the myriad of hatches and breakable walls using their one Impact Grenade to make their way to an advantageous position. Toward the end of a match, almost all the breakable walls, floors, and hatches will have been destroyed by players attempting to get the drop on their opponents. Since everyone in Team Deathmatch is out for blood, finding manmade rotations in Close Quarter isn’t difficult at all.

Team Deathmatch is still a relatively new playing field for Rainbow Six Siege. When compared to the slow-paced gameplay of the other modes, Team Deathmatch seems like a great way for players to warm up before going into Ranked, Unranked, or Quick Match. There’s still a lot Ubisoft can do with the game mode but if Close Quarter is any indication, then the company is definitely on the right track.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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