Roblox crosses $2 billion in mobile revenue alone

   According to estimates by Sensor Tower, the mobile version of Roblox has surpassed the $2 billion mark in lifetime sales globally, including iOS and Android.
   Like other games, the COVID-19 epidemic is a golden opportunity for mobile games like Roblox to increase revenue rapidly. Especially last May, Roblox - the game that broke the virtual world has reached the biggest revenue milestone ever with 113 million USD.
   Currently, the US is Roblox's largest market, accounting for 1.3 of the game's total $ 2 billion in lifetime revenue. In second place is the UK with $161 million while Canada is in third place with $81 million, according to data from Sensor Tower.
Roblox running on iOS is much more profitable than the Android version, about $1.5 billion on the Apple Store and $545 million on Google Play, respectively. Apple itself took in $450 million from the iOS version, while Google made $164 million, all from a 30% discount in revenue for platform costs.
   To date, Roblox has totaled about 437 million downloads on mobile devices. In which, the United States topped the table with 113 million downloads and accounted for 26% of the total global downloads.
   According to a recent source, Roblox Corporation, the company that owns the game is planning to go public with a public offering or direct listing. The huge numbers above are only part of the picture as Roblox is available on mobile, PC and Xbox One, so these numbers only reflect a fraction of the actual player base and overall size. of the game.