Rumors of "5G spreading the Covid-19 virus", Indians destroyed 20 broadcast towers

   Before the rumor about the 5G base station causing Covid-19 infection, the radiation emitted by the 5G tower made the air toxic. 20 broadcast towers have been destroyed in the past 3 weeks.
Destroyed 20 5G towers just because of rumors
   The second wave of the epidemic in India has gradually subsided. As of May 31, according to statistics provided by the Ministry of Health of the country, there are about 173,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 infection and 3,617 deaths have been reported, the number has been decreasing steadily in recent days. This is still a very large number.
   According to Indian media, there are rumors that the 5G telecommunications and testing network will spread the virus in India, resulting in them destroying more than 20 signal towers within 3 weeks, affecting the operation of the network. network use.
According to the Indian Tribune, misinformation and videos linking the virus to telecommunications networks have been circulating on social media recently, claiming that "the main driver of the second outbreak in India is not a new virus." which is the 5G test network.
   The radiation emitted by 5G towers makes the air toxic. This is the reason why people face difficulty breathing, even death.
Ask the government to ban 5G testing, then everything will be normal."
Under the influence of rumors, at least 20 5G test towers in Punjab, India were destroyed by residents within 3 weeks, causing poor network signal.
   Moreover, in the face of public protests, telecom operators are having a hard time maintaining existing facilities and building new base stations.
5G has nothing to do with the spread and infection of Covid-19
   Mr. TR Dua, General Director of Tower and Infrastructure Providers Association said:
"If such incidents are not controlled, it will seriously affect network signals and make it impossible for people to receive smooth network services during the pandemic in offices and homes, online meetings, etc. Online, e-commerce, online teaching, e-medicine, and government epidemic prevention information disclosure all require technical and network support.
   In fact, such anti-intellectual acts have been staged in Europe and the United States since last year. According to the Guardian, in April last year, cell towers and 5G signal towers in Birmingham and Merseyside, England were set on fire, and at least 20 base stations were intentionally damaged.
   Later, the 5G signal tower in Groningen, Netherlands, was also set on fire. Within a week, four similar incidents occurred in the Netherlands, and at least six signal towers were destroyed.
After the local media reported on related incidents, many people still insisted that "5G is pure cancer" and that "5G antennas will emit radiation and cause incurable diseases". y".
Professor Croft of the University of Wollongong and Professor Mahathir of Radiology and Cardiology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine dismissed the rumors, saying, "From a physics standpoint, 5G is better than 4G in terms of millimeter waves." International regulations will limit exposure to 5G to non-harmful levels."
   The Indian Ministry of Telecommunications also immediately issued a response to clarify that 5G technology has nothing to do with the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and that India has not carried out any 5G network testing. , urging people not to listen to the rumours and stop vandalism.
   According to Johns Hopkins University real-time epidemic statistics, as of 20:00 on May 31, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in India has exceeded 28.04 million and the number of confirmed cases has exceeded 28.04 million. death amounted to 329,000 people.