Run Godzilla is the first of three Godzilla games to come to Android this year, launching March 26, 2021

   TOHO Games just announced three Godzilla mobile games, the first to hit the Google Play Store on March 26.

   Running Godzilla is, erm. Hard to say. This is the description. Read it, and then read it again. See where it takes you.

   “This is an idle game in which Godzilla and Kaiju get stronger when you're away from home. In the village, the sun rises and sets day in and day out. What you have to remember is that Godzilla, Kaiju and the villagers only have a limited amount of time. One day, they will say goodbye. Raise Godzilla and Kaiju well, so they will be ready to say goodbye when the time comes. Do not worry! You can look back at the Godzilla you raised even when they are gone. Infuse their abilities to the next generation and raise Godzilla and Kaiju even more powerful! "

   To be fair, the press release described the game as "weird". There's a Google Play Store page now with more details, but it's probably best to only play the game when it goes live.The other two games are Godzilla Destruction, which shows you crushing cities at your feet (it's the Godzilla we know and love!) And Godzilla Battle Line, which shows you building a huge team of monsters and invading occupy the world. Pre-registration campaigns for both will start on March 26