The aliens are back, but you can use double chainguns, so everything will be fine.

If you told me that Serious Sam 4 was pulled out of the time capsule that was buried 10 years ago, I can trust you. It is not a return like Amid Evil. It has not turned the technical limitations of the past into a new style. It’s a 100% realistic jank: The fighting music abruptly ends at the time the last enemy is killed, the scene cutscenes abruptly begin as soon as a boss dies, clothes and rocky motifs pop out, rigid and weightless animations, and level events sometimes do not activate, or won’t happen until you hunt down the last enemy trapped when running into the wall.

At least he’s adorable (mostly), and Serious Sam 4 is fun – like other Serious Sam games, it’s still about killing crowds of aliens with giant guns while moving against the speed of an artistic skater. You are always on the verge of being overtaken, firmly grasping the control boundary as you shoot at cyclops monsters and kamikazes, vampires and insects, placing just enough space between you and them so that your bullets have a place to fly. That tension lasted almost the entire campaign spacing more than 10 hours of Serious Sam 4, which can be played solo or in the online co-op.

Serious Sam 4 lets you have a few Braveheart moments.

Hundreds of animals with bullets are satisfied in the way I wash my house with energy, but I also occasionally enjoy ingenious scenes with the powerful Devastator and the colorful manipulations that I did just because of that monster. In one of my favorite scenes, I rushed through the French countryside with a double-barreled handgun at a bull rushing towards me. I waited until I could see the light of its demonic eyes before firing both guns into its forehead, and then reloading simultaneously (how?) While dodging his acrobatic corpse—just to score style points, as it would cut through me. Rarely in shooters, it’s a good idea to go head-to-head with the enemy, but Serious Sam 4 lets you have a few Braveheart moments.

A small but noticeable change makes the scene possible:

In Serious Sam 3 (actually 10 years old), you have to stop sprinting before filming and there is a short animation where Sam re-prepares his weapon. In Serious Sam 4, you can only cancel the sprint animation by shooting and the footage is done immediately. Change speeds things up for the better. It is interesting to sprint behind enemies with front shields and fire a few shotguns in their backs.

Serious Sam 4 is also different from Serious Sam 3 in other good points. The aliens are more colorful and different – more like the Zeds of Killing Floor – and the horrific rebeding watermark that was so popular back then is gone. The enemy’s blood bars and head-firing indicators allow me to optimize my gunfire the way I like, but they can be turned off if you hate them. I also don’t have as much environmental difficulties as I sometimes did in Serious Sam 3. It’s like Sam’s a giant avocado tree. He practically glides through the cars.

Serious Sam 4 is at its best as soon as it introduces a new weapon, because it fills the arena with bullets and then throws countless enemies at you so you can free. The cannon gun somehow fired bigger cannon bullets than Sam himself and turned everything in their path into goo, and of course I was happy when the game introduced it and then said, ‘Hey, don’t worry about preserving bullets, running around this maze. , bowling with giant pink meat aliens for 10 minutes. ‘

Worst of all, it’s become too good, but the difficulty is being well designed. Normal keeps me trying, while Easy allows me to relax without becoming a cake game. The joy of shooting at a swarm of drones has been overestimated (in addition, those who lay eggs in remote fields and shoot bullets from afar), and certain passages are quite tiring, but for the most part, I just see just enough, undeterred.

Although it looks almost old, Serious Sam 4 combines modern ideas that make it better than Serious Sam 3. However, while I enjoyed the high frame rate, I was disappointed that the computing power available in 2020 was not exhausted, even for the heavier work. For example, the enemy is not funny. They repeat the same deadly animation every time, thousands of times. The big technical achievement here is that more enemies can appear on screen at the same time, and that leads to some impressive scenes, but once that spectacle makes me unsusi responded, “Well, great, another wave of those skeleton bastards”. You can only focus on deleting too many monsters at once.

Meanwhile, the story of finding the Holy Grail (actually an alien artifact) with a very cute Russian priest, but will not be able to become a star from Sam Stone. Attempts on sickness and romance have been eliminated by plastic action character models, and most jokes are generic.

Serious Sam 4’s ongoing joke is that Sam and the crew are considering witty sayings to say after killing huge aliens (hitting bosses is fairly easy and not the focus), but the idea that action heroes discuss their one-sided people feels more like clichés than action heroes saying a sentence – he mighty action really doesn’t do it anymore. Like Duke Nukem, Sam Stone doesn’t disregard anything modern (because of that, can I suggest trying to be an egg-hatching father?), although he’s a lot happier to be with Duke — less mechanical, colder.

Serious Sam 4 is just a campaign — there’s no survival mode and I wish I had — but you can play the whole thing in the four-player online co-op with customizable rules (turn on infinite ammo, if you want). I tried it and it works well, although I hardly noticed my colleague. It’s not really a game of team spirit and there’s no revival system: If a player dies, they just revive. (No one can have time to stop and revive a teammate with hundreds of aliens trying to blow them up.)

There are no mod tools yet, but Croteam said they will be coming soon and have a place in the menu for Steam Workshop packages. That’s great to watch, even if I can’t judge what’s not there yet.

Serious Sam 4 is fun and some ridiculous big battles will definitely make friends laugh together refreshingly as they struggle to take down a series of aliens with laser beams. However, it was hilarious and the scale increased was not quite as magical as I expected. Where new Doom games evoke the classic spirit with contemporary geniuses, this is just more Serious Sam. However, in part, you can drive past aliens with a combined harvester, so I recommend using it.