Should I turn off my phone when not in use?

   Should the phone be powered off when not in use? If you listen, this question seems simple. However, this has been a controversial issue in the community for a long time.
   As a smartphone user, everyone wants their mobile phone to have a long life and avoid annoying problems during the experience. Therefore, many people have the habit of turning off the phone when not in use. Because they think this will help prolong the life of the battery. At the same time, it is possible to limit the occurrence of unwanted incidents. With another person, they turn off the power when not in use just because they do not want to be disturbed by others.

Troubleshooting: Should the phone be powered off when not in use?
   Even if it's just a simple, basic and extremely normal operation. But turning off the power can also bring users many benefits. At the same time, frequent powering off smartphones also leads to certain limitations.
   Therefore, to know whether to power off the phone every night or not. You need to understand the pros and cons of this operation.
   When powered off, your smartphone will be:✤ Literally rest. All operations on the machine stop. Every part doesn't have to "work". Therefore, in a sense, turning off the power will help most parts on the machine to be longer.
   ✤ In addition, turning off the power also helps the smartphone to extend the battery life on the device. This is obviously also the desire of every smartphone fan when experiencing their mobile phone.
But if you turn off the power often, your phone will suffer:✤ You will miss many calls, texts and smartphone notifications. From there, communication will be interrupted. Work and many aspects of life are also affected.
   ✤ If you turn off the power every day, for example, many people have the habit of turning off the power before going to bed and turning on the power when waking up, the power button will be highly likely to be damaged. This is an important physical key on the device. If damaged, you will surely face many inconveniences.
Based on the above analysis, we can draw the following conclusions:
   ✤ You should turn off the phone, if it shows signs of overload or overheating. At the same time, in case you do not use the machine for a long time, you should also turn off the power to the machine.
   ✤ Is it okay to turn off the phone frequently? The answer for you is Yes. Those are the effects on the Power key on the device. Although this effect is not so obvious. But it can still increase the risk of damage to the Power button on the machine.
=> In case you just want your phone to rest for a short time, you don't need to power off the device. You can enable airplane mode instead. Because this is the mode that will disconnect all connections on the phone, both to save battery life and to help you not be disturbed by others.