Should you buy PES 2021?

   Long before the game was released, Konami was very honest with football fans by letting them know that this year's version is just an upgrade from the 2020 version. So the question many gamers ask. is yes. should buy Pes 2021 or not?
If you are a fan of the football game series, this September there is a game that makes you wonder if you should buy it or not, which is Pes 2021. With knowing in advance the game you are about to buy is just an internal update. . . The content of last year's version made many gamers feel hesitant when shopping. Not to mention, there will be many gamers who think that there is no need to buy a new version, while we can play the old version and then use the patches online to make the game more complete than the original game. But the version of Pes 2021 has two things that are enough to convince gamers to pocket their wallets to bring the game to their team.
1. Small but worthwhile improvement

   Still using the same recipes that made the 2020 version successful, but Konami has changed a few things to make this year's spiritual food even more delicious. The funniest are probably the crazy fans of Messi or Neymar or the players who like to dribble and use a lot of technique as this update improves the technical use function to make it easier to control with the R3 key. more interesting. easier. Overtaking has now been adjusted so that it is no longer a one-way overtake but a one-way pass as before.
   The menus in the game are also reduced, you will be less likely to encounter annoying screens that appear every time you want to customize the button or change the competition lineup as before. The score display and in-game interface have also been adjusted to make it easier to follow, displaying the logos of the participating teams more accurately. The most important improvement is that the AI ​​of the Master League tournaments has been adjusted. Now the machine will no longer automatically accept to buy your players with a price higher than 50% per transfer window as before.
   Not only stop at AI in Master League, your computer teammates are now smarter too. The machine strikers now run and choose positions extremely well. As a defender, he now knows how to use a variety of skills and tricks to put pressure on the striker holding the ball. Your goalkeeper now no longer has to face the ball to the ground like before.
2. Affordable price

   Why don't you want to buy a quality football game like Pes 2021 when the game's market price is only $30. Especially when you buy the Asian version in the first batch, you also get a commemorative table calendar. 25 years. from Konami. Finally, if the Pes 2021 version is successful, it will be a great encouragement for Konami so that they can continue to apply this price in the near future.