Signs of infection in different Omicron and Delta variants

The Omicron series dominates in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, while the Delta series is still in circulation.

The Ministry of Health stated that the Omicron variant is becoming more and more popular in various provinces and cities, especially Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, gradually replacing the Delta variant.

According to a report from the city of Hanoi, Omicron variants have been recorded in 20/30 districts; of these, the BA.2 variant accounted for 87% of the total samples detected for the Covid-19 Omicron strain. In Ho Chi Minh City, Omicron variants accounted for 76 percent of the genetic sequencing-resulting samples.

Epidemiologists believe that with the simultaneous spread of 2 variants of SAS-CoV-2, a person can be reinfected with Covid-19 within a short period of time. In fact, there have been many cases of reinfection within 1 to 3 months. However, the Omicron variant is said to be lighter than the Delta.

Below are some of the differences when infecting Omicron mutant SARS-CoV-2 and mutant Delta.

Signs of infection with a SARS-CoV-2 delta variant include:

– Cough

Fever (over 37.5 degrees Celsius)

– Headache

– Sore throat, sore throat

– Runny nose, runny nose, stuffy nose

– Shortness of breath

– Chest pain, chest tightness

– Body aches, muscle soreness

– loss of taste

– Loss of smell

– Abdominal pain, nausea

– Diarrhea.

Meanwhile, signs of Omicron mutations in people who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 include:

– Cough

– Slug

– Tired

– Sore throat

– Headache

– Muscle pain

– Fever

– Sneezing

– Nausea

– Reduce cravings

– Decreased ability to taste

– Decreased sense of smell

– Shortness of breath

Multiple studies show that 83% of people report cough and runny nose as the most common symptoms. This was followed by fatigue (74%), sore throat (72%) and headache (68%). Most people infected with the Omicron strain do not lose their sense of smell and smell – a very common manifestation of the Delta strain, but only reduce their sense of smell and taste… Also, some people experience shortness of breath and abdominal pain. .

According to the Ministry of Health, despite the recent rapid growth of Omicron strains, this is due to high vaccine coverage across the country, especially in the care of high-risk groups. high, so mortality/morbidity rates have dropped significantly.

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