Singapore temporarily approves rapid Covid-19 breath test

   Singapore authorities have temporarily licensed a method of testing Covid-19 through breath in less than a minute.
   Breathonix, of the National University of Singapore (NUS), said it is currently working with the Singapore Ministry of Health to conduct a trial deployment of this technology at one of the border points with Malaysia.
   The breath analysis will be done in conjunction with the now mandatory Covid-19 antigen rapid test.
   The test will be sold for between S$5 and S$20 (US$3.76-15.03), depending on the quantity purchased, a company representative said. In a pilot clinical trial in Singapore last year, the breath test was more than 90 percent accurate, the company said.
   The official website of the Singapore Health Sciences Authority confirmed the provisional approval of this test method. According to the company, this is the first time such a testing system has been temporarily licensed in Singapore.
   The system uses single-use disposable mouthpieces and is designed to ensure no human-to-human cross-contamination. After blowing into the device, the technology evaluates the chemical compounds of the breath to determine if a person is infected.
   The company said that any individual who is screened positive will need to undergo a Covid-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) confirmation test via a swab sample.
   The company Breathonix said it is negotiating with a number of domestic and foreign organizations to sell this system. Other countries like Indonesia and the Netherlands have performed similar breath tests.