Small habits make health younger

Healthy eating and regular exercise are important for people of all ages to maintain a healthy life.

Start a new day full of passion

Every morning, a group of friends of Ms. Thu Huong in District 10 also arranged to go to Le Thi Rieng Park to exercise at 5:30. After practicing, one day, the two sisters made an appointment to make a cup of hot soy milk, and then they split up and went home to prepare for work.

“I went to the park to exercise when I was young, and later met my husband because I drank coffee and soy milk. Now that I have a child, the couple has continued this habit,” Ms. Tu said. Hong share.

Xiangjia has the habit of exercising in the morning and drinking soy milk, so many soy milk stalls or toad shops in Saigon seem to be able to meet this demand soon. So, of course, soybeans become an easy-to-use beverage, because of the light fat flavor and mild pandan flavor, it is easy to remember!

In fact, soybeans have long been proven to be a precious nut that is good for everyone’s health. According to Dr. Tran Thi My Lien, Deputy Director of the Cardiology Department of Thong Nhat Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, soybeans have many health benefits. Soybeans provide unsaturated fats, which are good for heart disease, antioxidants and cholesterol control. Soy is also helpful in controlling diabetes, beneficial to pregnancy, fighting osteoporosis, regulating the digestive system, reducing menopausal symptoms and reducing the growth of cancer…

Small changes, advantages and long-term health
After more than two months, Saigon is no longer a distance. Ms. Thanh Hang from District 11 realizes that many activities need to be changed to adapt to the new pace of life.

Many habits, such as getting up early to exercise, stopping for a cup of milk or coffee at a restaurant near the park, are now slightly changed. Still worried about the risks of Covid, she no longer goes to the market every day as before, but twice a week. Her eldest daughter took the initiative to prepare lunch and took it to the office, but did not eat in the restaurant.

The bigger change is that Hang’s husband seldom makes friends now. Instead, sometimes friends “go” to each other’s house, and the other party has dinner in their free time.

However, her joy of going to the gym in the morning to drink soy milk has not changed much! The difference is that her family used to buy soy milk in a small roadside store. Now for hygiene, safety, and convenience, she uses canned soy milk, which can be eaten at any time.

Ms. Hang added: “I have never used canned soybeans, but when I drank it for the first time, I was surprised to find that it was delicious. Vinasoy’s canned soybeans also tasted like coffee, brown sugar, and coconut milk… There is something new to drink, and sometimes it’s too busy. Take it to work and drink whenever you want, not just in the morning, it’s very convenient!”

There are also many people, such as Ms. Thanh Hang, whose habits have been changed by the new coronavirus. They realize that they must pay attention to the health of themselves and their families, care about the society, change their eating habits, make themselves healthier, live a healthy life, and remain optimistic.

Why pursue a healthy diet?

In order to maintain a healthy body, a healthy diet is essential. Sometimes a small change in your daily life can make a big difference in your life. In addition to the nutrition in the diet, it is also necessary to provide nutrition from other foods, such as milk, cereals and nut beverages. One of the most popular drinks today is soy milk.

Nutritionist Dr. Do Thi Ngoc Diep CKII said: “For a long time, grains have been proven to be an essential source of nutrition for women. Soybeans are one of them, leading the global green trend. Few nuts have high protein content. Enough Essential amino acids, equivalent to about 38% of the protein in meat soybeans, are more than twice the average protein content of 100 grams of pork. Very rich in good vitamins and minerals.”

Obviously, just a little change: regular exercise, eating clean, choosing nutrition from nature… can help everyone’s life become healthier. It is the first barrier to help protect everyone from diseases, and it is also a “natural vitamin” that “charges” more energy for life.

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