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Sony partners with Honda on new electric car

Sony and Honda will form a joint venture to develop and sell electric vehicles from 2025.

The first model of the joint venture will be produced by Honda based on the Sony platform. Sony surprised everyone by announcing the Vision-S sedan concept. Next, the Japanese electronics company was even more impressive when it unveiled the Vision-S 02 SUV concept. But Sony designs cars for more than just advertising. They will actually go into the auto industry.

Sony’s mobile division has been announced by the parent company and has pledged to enter the electric vehicle market. Just a few weeks later, Sony went on to announce that it was looking for a strategic partner to develop Sony’s cars. Three months later, Sony officially announced the partnership. That’s Honda.

Two Japanese companies have agreed to hold in-depth discussions on forming an electric vehicle development and sales alliance. To this end, a joint venture with a new name will be born, but the name of the joint venture is still under discussion.

A new Sony-Honda joint venture will be formed to develop and commercialize zero-emission vehicles. Their 2022 goal is to officially launch the company by the end of the year. If all goes according to plan, the first electric car is expected to go on sale as early as 2025. As expected, Honda will be responsible for building the cars at its factory. . and will use it. A platform developed by Sony.

However, it’s too early to say whether the actual model will have anything to do with the revealed Vision-S sedan or SUV. Sony wasn’t well-received when it announced its plans to develop an electric car. However, Sony seems to have beaten Apple in a faster and more efficient way. Apple’s models have yet to see a “face.” All the rumors about Apple’s electric cars are about partnerships and plans on paper.

Apple’s talks with the world’s major automakers don’t appear to be going well. As a result, it was recently reported that the tech company will restart its own vehicle R&D and vehicle production centers.

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