Startup about game of Vietnam reaches a market capitalization of 2.6 billion USD

   As of the morning of July 26, on Coinmarketcap, each Axie Infinity coin (codename AXS) costs $41.83. With nearly 62 million cryptocurrencies in circulation, the market capitalization of AXS is about $2.6 billion, ranking 42nd in the global cryptocurrency market.
   Axie Infinity was introduced as a blockchain game inspired by Pokemon games and an NFT project called Crypto Kitties. Different from traditional games, the founders of Sky Mavis created Axi Infinity so that players can not only entertain but also earn money by investing AXS cryptocurrency.
   To join this game, users need to invest a certain amount to buy the original Axie. After owning the virtual animal, Axie, the player will bring it to fight, breed, and collect rare animals to collect. When going through the challenges, players will be rewarded with different Axies. Axie players can use SLP (Smooth Love Potion) and AXS (Axie Infinity Shard) to buy land, farm or breed Axies or sell for money.
   The special thing is that the NFT technology has created uniqueness for the Axies in the game and also charges a fee for buying or breeding Axies.
   It is known that in June 2021, there were more than 60,000 Axie Infinity players around the world. Many people consider this game as a game to make money during the epidemic, when the distance is too free. The AXS coin issued by Axie Infinity has been traded on many major cryptocurrency exchanges for investors to buy and sell.
   According to information from Axie Infinity's White Paper, the founder of Sky Mavis is Trung Nguyen, born in 1992. The company is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City and was established in 2017. Before founding Sky Mavis, Trung Nguyen used to be a Lozi's chief technology officer.
   Another founder of Sky Mavis is Tu Doan - has the role of art director, game designer. The COOs and CTOs are foreigners.