Summary of iPhone models that can play PUBG Mobile

   In the past 1 year, there are games that have always dominated all the large and small charts of mobile games, compared to other competitors, PUBG Mobile seems to be slightly better in terms of the number of players as well as the number of players. Their positive feedback about this game. If Android users have their own PUBG Mobile Lite, then Apple and iOS fans can only rely on PUBG Mobile itself, but with relatively high graphics and configuration, many products Apple especially iphone can't play. So in this article we will talk about whether the new iPhones can play PUBG games?

   Apple in general and Iphone in particular is the world's leading phone brand, it is famous for its "genuine" products that are updated every year and iPhone users always exude an irresistible luxury. In this 2018, new super products have been continuously released, first Iphone X and then the super products Iphone Xs, Xs max, Xr.To know the answer about whether the device supports gaming or not, let's analyze the following points:
   Required configuration of PUBG Mobile on iOS:
– Requires iOS 9.0 or higher version
– Free space: 2.2 GB or more
– The game can be compatible with the iphone series from version 5s and above, but to be able to experience the best PUBG Mobile, you should use it from Iphone 7 version.
   In terms of smoothness and being able to play games at the highest resolution, the question of whether the new iPhones can play PUBG games is completely grounded.Let's take a look at the latest iPhone lines that will be more suitable for the game.
1. Iphone Xs – Xs Max
   – With Iphone Xs 5.8 inch and Xs Max 6.5 inch Super Retina OLED screen with HDR display capability, true color resolution and highest detail ever, this will make you There is a feeling of seeing all the details in the game and not caring about the things around anymore.
   – Chip A12 Bionic with the fastest and most powerful processing speed in all smartphones today.
   – iOS 12, 4GB RAM and 3 internal memory options 64GB, 256GB and 512GB
With the above parameters, this iPhone is more than enough to plow and has the ability to help you play PUBG Mobile smoothly.
2. Iphone XR
   To see if the new iPhones can play PUBG games, we come to the second name, Iphone Xr, not much inferior to the super products Xs and Xs Max.
   – 6.1 inch screen with LCD screen technology.
   – Apple A12 Bionic 6-core chip
   – iOS 12 with 3GB Ram and 256GB Rom
   In short, with playing PUBG Mobile, Iphone XR is more than capable of giving you the best experience.
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3. Iphone X

   Another name that seems to be more popular with an acceptable price is Iphone X. It will be cool and luxurious when you hold this phone and shoot PUBG Mobile, all eyes will be on you. And for a moment, you'll feel like you're the center of attention. If you compare the required parameters of the game, perhaps there is nothing wrong with this Iphone X because the ability to support images, sound as well as processing speed of an Iphone X is completely satisfied .
   – 5.8-inch screen and using OLED panels to display clear images.
   – Apple A11 Bionic 6-core chip
   – iOS 11 operating system, 3GB RAM and 64GB ROM
   In addition, the doubts surrounding whether the new iphone lines can play PUBG game, you can experience the game through models such as Iphone 8, iphone 7 and can be used smoothly with the 6s plus line. . Those are the trendy updates you need to know to choose the right iPhone for the mission of carrying a gun in your hand and weighing the world.